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Your Blood Type Says Incredible Things About Your Health

Your Blood Type Says Incredible Things About Your Health

Did you know that your blood type could say a lot about your health? Far from being simple letters, the types A +, A-, B +, B-, AB +, AB-, O + and O- are true indicators of good or bad health. Discover without further delay what each blood type actually means ...

If the blood type is a classification based on the presence or absence of antigenic substances (like proteins or carbohydrates), it allows us to know a little more about our general health.

Your Blood Type Says Incredible Things About Your Health

It is a precise indicator that can even reveal the diseases that each of us would be likely to contract ... Discover today the different diseases that you probably risk to develop or contract, depending on your blood type!

Blood type A + and A-:

The bearers of this blood type are the most numerous in France. According to recent studies, they are more likely to develop stomach cancer, especially if they regularly smoke or drink alcoholic beverages. In addition, people belonging to the blood types A + and A- are also likely to develop behavioral problems with age ...

Nevertheless, know ladies that if you belong to this blood type, you will be more likely to remain fertile until a very advanced age ... enough to reassure the women holding blood type A + or A-.

Blood type B + and B-:

As for people belonging to blood types B + and B-, they are much more likely to develop a tumor in the pancreas this time! In addition, they are more likely to suffer from memory problems with age and to develop diseases such as Alzheimer's disease. They are also very sensitive to ulcers and bacterial infections.

But still positive for the holders of this blood type: they develop a physical resistance and an endurance out of norm with the age.

Blood type O + and O-:

Contrary to what one might think, people belonging to the O + blood type are the most widespread in the world! Surely you have heard that the bearers of this blood type are special and special. This rumor or misconception is explained by the fact that people belonging to this type (especially the O + type) simply do not have antigens in their red blood cells!

These people are less likely to contract cardiovascular diseases such as stroke. On the other hand, the risk of contracting gastric ulcer diseases (due for example to Helicobacter pylori infection) is higher.

In addition, fertility in both men and women is seriously low (compared to other blood types). On the other hand, people belonging to this blood type seem to be less affected by stress!

Blood type AB + and AB-:

For persons with blood types AB + and AB-, they are at a much higher risk of developing hypertension. Just like those who belong to the blood type O + and O-, the risks of developing cardiovascular diseases are also high. In addition, women with AB + and AB- blood types are more likely to develop ovarian cancer.