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Chiropractors Ask You Not To Sleep On Your Right Side

Chiropractors Ask You Not To Sleep On Your Right Side

Everyone knows that sleep is essential for maintaining good physical and mental health. If the duration of it is important, the way you fall asleep at night is just as much! Discover why more and more chiropractors are asking patients not to sleep on their right side ...

In fact, sleeping on your right side can have a negative impact on your health ...

If there are obviously several positions to fall into the arms of Morpheus, the one that consists of sleeping on your right side is simply bad for your health, especially if you have asthma or sleep apnea! Discover without further delay the reasons why it is strongly discouraged to sleep on its right side!

Sleeping on one's right side can cause heart problems:

80% of our heart is on the left side of our body. Experts say that sleeping on this side promotes our heart health in a simple and natural way by circulating blood more easily.

Indeed, when you sleep on your right side, you prevent your body from pumping blood properly and thus, you also prevent your heart from functioning properly! Sleeping on your left side, you give the arteries (blood vessels that deliver the blood of the heart to other organs) the opportunity to do their job better.

Sleeping on your right side could affect your digestion:

When we sleep on our right side, it is then easier for our gastric juices to flow all the way down our esophagus, causing heartburn. By sleeping on your left side, you promote the secretion of pancreatic enzymes that help digestion and reduce the risk of inflammation of your stomach or pancreas!

Sleeping on one's right side does not help the functioning of our lymphatic system:

The lymphatic system is composed of various organs such as the spleen, tonsils and lymphatics in which circulates the lymph, a transparent liquid whose movement is guaranteed by the contraction of the muscles. The main role of the lymphatic system is the drainage of excesses in different tissues of the body to facilitate their evacuation.

Knowing that most organs of the lymphatic system are on the left side of our body, sleeping on it would facilitate the functions of the latter and thus allow the body to get rid of toxins that may be there.

How to sleep better?
In addition, to improve the quality of your sleep, it is important to adopt a number of habits that will help you sleep better now that you have decided to sleep on your left side rather than on your right side!

Start by avoiding the consumption of so-called exciting products, namely tea or coffee (past 17h). Opt instead relaxing herbal teas before going to bed (chamomile for example). Moreover, also try to eat light at night ...

Finally, and we will probably never repeat it enough, also make sure not to use electronic devices (phone, computer, TV) before falling asleep.