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10 Habits Of Women That Men Hate!

10 Habits Of Women That Men Hate!

The couple's life highlights the habits and small manias of each partner because of the intimacy they share. Besides, we all have our good and bad habits. There are those that make us attractive and attractive to our partner and others, who sometimes make us unbearable. You have seduced your man and you want to keep him forever but you wonder how you will be able to get there and what should be avoided to avoid horrifying. Following a survey that gathered the confessions of several men, discover, briefly, the 10 of your habits they like and the 10 others they hate.

10 Habits Of Women That Men Hate

The 10 habits they like

1. Your organization
Your organization is a quality that the man will particularly appreciate at home, because of the ease of life that it can generate. Keep this habit if you have it.

2. your eyes
A look that simply says "I love you" is enough to make a man happy. The expression of the gaze is often more telling than the words.

3. Your attention
A little attention like leaving a cup of coffee to your man, the morning before going to work, remains very touching.

4. your kindness
Being kind is also being considerate with small things even trivial, like charging your phone in the morning before going to work. It's a way of making others feel that we love them.

5. Your help
A man would like you to take care of him by preparing a packed lunch at the office. There is nothing better than this gesture to send him a little note of love for the whole day.

6. Your alarm clock
Nothing is gentler for a man than waking up in the morning, in the loving and welcoming arms of his partner.

7. Your energy
For some men, nothing is more attractive than a woman who defends her point of view with energy and vehemence.

8. Your swear words
Swearing is a sign of rudeness but according to some men, this is not annoying, provided you do not abuse it.

9. Your way of sitting
Every woman has a way of sitting that expresses body language. Childish or sensual, each man has his preference and he must surely love yours.

10. Your negligence
It may seem incongruous to appreciate a woman who pee in the bathroom door open but according to a survey, some men might like this negligence or bad habit that is certainly rude. Does that mean you have to keep doing it? Probably not. But if your partner does not find this disgusting, it is because you have found your soul mate.

The 10 Habits Men Hate

1. Let your belongings hang around
According to the survey, a man spoke of his partner's bad habit of constantly searching for his hairpin, which she leaves lying around. This is the case of many men who do not like to let go in general.

2. You prevent him from watching his TV show
Nothing is more important for a man than his television show. Do not prevent it and avoid this bad habit.

3. You stay stuck on the phone
Men hate women who are stuck on the phone for hours as this prevents them from spending quality time with them.

4. You insist on the story of your day
Nothing is more boring than insisting on the story of your day, and most men do not like details, especially if they are negative.

5. You disturb him on his couch
Once a man slumped on his couch, it's hard to get him out unless it's for an urgent reason.

6. Your false voice
Borrow a baby voice and find that cute? This is not the opinion of a man and he will find that annoying.

7. You want to make him jealous
Talking about another man to make his partner jealous, is not very clever, according to some men. This strategist could do the opposite and trigger serious quarrels.

8. Want to look like a celebrity
Trying to look like a celebrity and especially Kim Kardashian is not impressive for a man. He loves the true and authentic woman with a real personality.

9. You are overusing the Snapchat app
The Snapchat app can be fun, fun and fun to use, but with moderation. Your partner might find this childish and boring.

10. Your franchise
If there is one thing that men hate, it is the lack of honesty and honesty. Be honest about your feelings and emotions. Do not hide them and your relationship will be better.

Succeeding as a couple means being smart about communication and behavior. Banishing or keeping certain habits can maintain marital stability.