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It's The Most Powerful Herb That Few People Know And Its Virtues Are Incredible For Health

It's The Most Powerful Herb That Few People Know And Its Virtues Are Incredible For Health

More and more people are turning to soft and natural medicine to cure their ailments. Herbs are part of the natural ingredients that are good for our health. Most of the time, they are ignored or simply ignored. Among these herbs, here is the oregano that is used in herbal medicine as infusions or essential oils.

Most Powerful Herb That Few People Know And Its Virtues Are Incredible For Health

Origanum vulgare is the scientific name for oregano. It is an aromatic plant in the form of a small bush, it is also known as wild marjoram. Originally from the Mediterranean and western Asia, oregano can be grown almost anywhere, even in pots, and is enjoyed in dry, well-drained soil and sunny exposure. Oregano is tonic, digestive, stimulating and purgative. Highly dosed, it stimulates the heart. It is recognized antalgic virtues, anti-infectious, antiseptic and antibacterial. It is often used in cooking to enhance the taste of food. Its regular and significant use helps contribute to the antioxidant intake of our diet.

The benefits of oregano

Oregano has different properties depending on its internal or external use. The benefits of oregano are many:

Relief of inflammation: Oregano is a powerful herb that is an excellent anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic and thanks to its high concentrations of thymol, it strengthens muscles and fights inflammatory diseases. In infusion or inhalation, the leaves of oregano soften the throat and de-clutter the bronchi in case of respiratory disease. It can also be used as a poultice by using the fresh plant of oregano in a cloth and heated, deposited on the painful area. It relieves rheumatism, torticollis and aches. It is an important source of omega-3 and contains minerals such as: iron, magnesium, calcium, copper, vitamins C, E, B6 and K, the latter being fundamental to strengthen the bones.

Detoxify the body: Recent studies have shown that oregano has the ability to detoxify the liver and allows the elimination of toxins caused by free radicals in the body, involved in the onset of cardiovascular disease, certain cancers and aging-related diseases, thanks to its organic compounds and important minerals.

Improve the skin: In general, herbs contain large amounts of antioxidants and nutrients. And oregano contains more. Its components prevent cell aging, so that of the skin and benefit our body.

Improve bone health: As we age, our bone mass becomes weak and we run a high risk of fractures. Oregano contains calcium and iron, which are essential minerals to strengthen bones and protect us from possible osteoporosis.

Stimulate the body: Oregano is a stimulant and exciting: it is recommended in cases of severe fatigue or asthenia.

Facilitate transit: Oregano heals bloating and flatulence, improves intestinal transit and relieves digestive disorders. It can also relieve the painful rules.
To enjoy all the benefits of oregano, we recommend you prepare this drink.

  • 3 teaspoons of fresh oregano or 1 teaspoon of dry oregano.
  • 300 ml of water.


In a cup of hot, boiling water, pour the amount of oregano and let infuse for about 10 minutes. Then filter the brew and consume the drink right after.

Warnings :

Oregano should be used with caution in people with allergy-sensitive terrain because it contains a highly allergenic compound (linalool) on sensitive soil.

Oregano used in significant amounts may increase the risk of bleeding in people with bleeding disorders.