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This Line On Your Hand Says Very Special Things About You

This Line On Your Hand Says Very Special Things About You

Since always, the human seeks by all means to know what the future holds for them good and bad. He used various means, including astrology, cartomancy and palmistry. The latter is a discipline that reveals through the lines of the hand the temperament of the person.

Palmistry has been adopted for over 5000 years as a way of understanding the personality. It has been transmitted and perfected from generation to generation. There are 3 types of lines: the line of the head, the line of life and the line of the heart.

Where is your heart line?
To start reading your own lines, you must first find the heart line on your palm. If you look at your right hand, the heart line starts on the outer edge, about a third of the palm under your little finger.

How does this relate to your relationships?
The heart line is also known as the love line, and for good reason. All your love life is here. Your attitude, your relationships and your emotions can all be found on your heart line.

The length is important
The length of your heart line is an important indicator of your personality. It will not tell you how long you will live, but it will indicate your predisposition to certain events. A very short heart line means that you are egocentric and ruthless, whereas a very long line means that you are frank and unwavering, and often very faithful.

Forks and branches
Most people will have a range of forks and branches that come out of their line of love, which means various things. Having many ascending limbs is a good thing, while downward ones indicate that your marriage may not last. If it bends down and divides at the end, it shows that you are ready to sacrifice everything for love.

A broken line
Having a broken heart line is not good news. It indicates great setbacks during your emotional journey, whether because of money, stress, or a bad relationship. But courage, everything is not so bad.

Look at the picture below to find out where your heart line is because it has a connection to the fact if you are going to be loved and loved by someone. It begins below the index finger or middle finger and extends to the edge of the palm under the little finger.

This line on your hand says very special things about you

A) If your heart line begins below the middle finger, you are born to be a leader, you are an ambitious, independent and intelligent person, and you have good judgment and decision-making skills. But for others, you tend to be selfish. However, for a fulfilling love life, you must install a clear communication climate.

B) If your heart line starts between the middle finger and the index, it shows that you are considerate, kind and trustworthy, and any partner who appreciates this will be with you in the long run. As long as you do not go to daydreams, you will find an intense love.

C) If your heart line starts below your index, you have a normal love life. You are apparently a very sentimental person, and your lifestyle tends to be more idealistic. Single or married, alone or in company, you are the type of self-reliant person who finds satisfaction and confidence in every romantic scenario.

D) If your heart line starts between your index finger and thumb, you are a calm and caring person who is always able to have the best judgment. With good intentions and a warm heart, you will always find the right person for you.

Some other lines that are not in the traditional A, B, C and D

If your heart line begins with three lines merging into one, it's a good indication that you have a balance of feelings that you are able to express.

If the line starts at the base of the little finger, it means that a person can be more empathetic, whereas if the line starts lower, the person may be more business-minded and perhaps more materialistic. These people are considered to be stronger emotionally, and these lines are often seen in men.

A curved or rounded heart line can mean a person more warm than a person with a straight line.

If your heart line is uninterrupted and clear, it means that you manage your emotions well.