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3 Reasons Why Men End Up Leaving Perfect Women

3 Reasons Why Men End Up Leaving Perfect Women

The majority of men and women are in perpetual quest for eternal love because they simply believe in it. They are cradled since childhood by fairy tales that draw a magic picture of love and happiness. With adolescence, romanticism is born, fed by novels with rose water. One grows up with a stereotype of perfect, unshakable love that nothing can destroy. It is very beautiful ! But often we are caught by the harsh reality of life. Love is not always perfect and eternal.

Reasons Why Men End Up Leaving Perfect Women

The woman, through her desire to succeed in her life as a couple and to maintain this love so dear to her heart, tends to do too well and to be too perfect. Yet, she sees her man leaving her. We often ask ourselves the question, why? Generally, when a man falls in love with a woman, he gives himself body and soul. Notwithstanding the cliché that a man is an unsatisfied hunter and an adventurer, it is difficult for him to break an affair or a marriage. But if he does, it's for specific reasons.

When talking about a good and perfect woman, we often refer to the image of a gentle, caring and kind woman. However, there is another type of woman who, in addition to being a good wife, a good lover, a good mother, is a demanding woman who calls for the eternal gratitude of all that she undertakes and who always wants being right and the last word in all situations, thus jeopardizing his relationship.

Here are the three main reasons why a man leaves a woman, yet perfect:

1. Men under pressure
Men usually feel enormous pressure against a perfect woman. The latter, not only is aware of the perfect character of her personality but expects others to be as well. This kind of woman leaves no room for error, no slip to his partner. Demanding to excess, she can impose a way of life that she finds irreproachable. She finds it normal to require her man to move quickly up the ladder of life because for her there is no better proof of love than to have ambition for the person she loves. Ladies, your man could feel oppressed, choked. 

One can not expect too much from others and from oneself. We choose a man for life with his qualities but also with his faults that we must appreciate above all.

2. Competition in the relationship
In this kind of relationship, the notion of partnership does not exist and leaves room for competition. The perfect woman always wants to be right. The quality of the relationship takes a serious blow, which can be a disaster for the couple. For some women, it is always either white or black while there are varieties of gray. Their intention is to try to control the situation constantly. The fact that they are always right increases their self-esteem but significantly harms that of their partner. Reason why he leaves. Try to find a middle ground in your conflicts. Between black and white, there are different colors to adopt for the good harmony of the couple.

3. Lack of respect
It is well known that a good couple is a self-respecting couple. A man may feel his wife's disrespect for him and feel humiliated. This may be the consequence of the second point mentioned above, in the sense that when a woman wins the competition, she begins to disrespect her man. 

As a result, he does not feel loved and ends up cheating and leaving her. It must be understood that the other must flourish as a person and cultivate his secret garden and his private space. Often, when respect is lost, it is difficult to catch up.

The success of a couple, it is cultivated. It is essential to install the fundamental bases. True love is to let the other person be the best version of himself, to respect him, to accept him, to listen to him, to understand him, to be at his side, to communicate with him and to find common solutions and pull it up. Do not try to be perfect, ladies! Just be yourself. 

Know how to recognize your mistakes and your wrongs. If you feel that your couple is drifting and if you are there for something, ask yourself the question: What can I do about it? You will certainly find the answer at the bottom of you.