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The Redheads Are Incredible Beings Say The Scientists

The Redheads Are Incredible Beings Say The Scientists

We have often been unfair to redheads. So, in a group of girls, the redhead was mocked and demonized. In truth, redheads touch a chord deep within ourselves. By their exotic side, they are desired and feared at the same time. New research has shown that they are not only exotic but special. These studies bring the revenge of redheads and show that they are genetically superior.

Redheads Are Incredible Beings Say The Scientists

How are redheads genetically superior?

Redheads are characterized by singular traits that make them quite special. They are distinguished by their libido and their intelligence which makes them attractive to men. However, other factors characterize them and make them more attractive and superior to other women.

Their rarity
Redheads represent only 1 to 2% of the world's population. The gene responsible for their freckling is recessive. That means that for a person to be born red, his parents would have to be red or bear this gene. As a result, some people think that redheads are becoming extinct because they are less likely to survive. The disease, such as cancer, which may be linked to their freckles with increased exposure to the sun, significantly increases this risk. On the other hand, red-eyed redheads remain rarity and perfection itself.

Their Libido 
A study conducted at the University of South Brittany consisted of the observation of women in wigs of different colors in a nightclub. The researchers wanted to know the women most courted by men. Redheads were approached at only 1%. Although men considered that redheads were attractive, they approached blondes. The redheads aroused fear and they were afraid of being rejected by them. According to Elevated Today, men think that redheads are far from ugly or unwanted but rather the opposite and that they are more sensual and have a higher libido. Redheads were considered the most sensual.

Their red color and desire
Other studies have shown that the red color of their hair is intimately related to Libido in the human brain. Men see red when they think of physical intimacy. Which studies are corroborated by the responses of primates to color. This can be seen in baboons whose genitals swell and turn red when excited.

Their Intelligence
Redheads also appear to possess high intelligence and a high success rate. A recent study in the United Kingdom found that blonde women CEOs were around 5% and redheads 4%. The redheads were in second position. However, if we consider that 25% of women in the UK have blond hair and only 1% have red hair, this figure largely demonstrates that redheads win.

Their sensation in the face of pain
Early studies have shown that redheads are more sensitive to pain than brunettes or blondes. However, the truth is more complex. Redheads do not feel more pain than others, they feel it differently. Indeed, redheads are more sensitive to certain types of pain such as cold and less sensitive to anesthetics. 

They suffer more from toothache and may develop multiple sclerosis and endometriosis. On the other hand, stinging pains on the skin affects redheads less than the others. They are also less sensitive to spicy foods and heat in general. Their skin reacts less to the presence of chemicals that cause a burning sensation. The reason is, it seems, the existence of a gene called "roux".

Their gene
The study, which was conducted by Aalborg University, revealed that there is a gene of the redhead called "MC1R" and that it is much more complex than that of the brunette or the blonde, because of its different characteristics.

Their higher education
The UK is not the only place where redheads have taken control of big companies. Tenesse University and Dalton State College have similar experiences that have revealed that redheads are four times more likely to be CEOs of larger companies.

Unconsciously, men have a weakness for redheads. These are more intimately desired by men even if they do not seem to reach them. Their intelligence, their power of seduction or their power make them cataloged as different and threatening. However, all women have particular criteria of beauty, be they red, blond or brown. Do not we say that beauty is universal?