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The Scariest Thing About You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The Scariest Thing About You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Extensive research has shown that our astrological positioning at birth affects our overall health, our qualities and our vulnerabilities. These personality traits may not appear on a daily basis or perhaps you are not aware of them at all, but there is a good chance that some traits will come up at one time or another. Discover the scariest thing about your personality according to your zodiac sign!

The Scariest Thing About You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: The obsession with death
You are still thinking about your own death and that of your loved ones. It's scary but actually quite normal for your sign since symbolically you are one of the signs of death.

Taurus: You are a stalker
Your excessive jealousy drives you to follow your ex's footsteps even after breaking up. Possessiveness and bad faith are motivational traits that motivate you to master the art of harassment in real life or behind your computer screen.

Gemini: You are a liar
You will have to be a writer because inventing stories is the best thing you can do. The worst thing is that you always think that you are telling the truth or a version of the truth, indeed you are creating the lie and you believe it. It is stronger than you because, by nature, you have a double personality.

Cancer: You are obsessed
When it comes to relationships, you must remember not to get carried away. You like to own and control, it can be stuffy for some partners and scary for others. Obsession is not always beneficial in a relationship.

Leo: You want to be the center of the world
You want to be loved and admired, and you do not care who will come to take your place. You are always looking for perfection even if you have to break and break the other, it's not too bad, it's you first. All the things you are ready to do to attract attention are scary.

Virgo: You are a sleeping volcano
You have bizarre secrets as well as fantasies that keep you in the back of your mind. Unfortunately, it is usually where they stay because of the shy nature of the Virgin. However, the evil monster inside you may want to go out at any moment.

Libra: Excessive curiosity
You are naturally curious, a character trait that exceeds the norms and becomes scary. But it's stronger than you, you can not help but ask questions about everything. This curiosity is unhealthy and may scare people around.

Scorpio: You can be very dark
In fact, you are the darkest sign of the zodiac. Dark thoughts arise quite easily in your head: thoughts of murder and ensuing scenarios of violence. You can not help but think about how, at any given moment, you can choose to be a murderer, start a fire, or act violently.

Sagittarius: You have a cold heart
You have moved so far away from your feelings that you have turned into stone. You often become indifferent to situations of joy or sadness. Something that makes others perplexed about you, the lack of compassion and empathy you are showing off your surroundings.

Capricorn: You are a masked criminal
You fantasize about murder, especially the murder of those who are closest to you. You fantasize about the murder of your sister when she is boring or of your co-worker who does not want to shut up. It's a twisted game that you play in your head.

Aquarius: A brain in permanent reflection
You think about what you will say at the funerals of your friends and family. You think about saying beautiful things, but the scary part is how often do you think about it. You are a thinker and sometimes your mind wanders to vast scenarios, even the dark ones.

Pisces: A superhero
In all the horrible scenarios your head thinks of, like someone who shoots at the store you're in or your building is being set on fire by a madman, you're still the hero who comes in to arrest the abuser. You think you have to save the world, so you think of all the horrible situations in which you should intervene. This can be scary as you often get away from reality!