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Science Proves That A Sister Makes You A Better Person

Science Proves That A Sister Makes You A Better Person

Despite all the conflicts and arguments you may have during your childhood or even adulthood with your brothers and sisters, the love you have for one another never goes out. By the way, science has finally revealed that having an older or younger sister makes your life better. Let's find out why!

Science Proves That A Sister Makes You A Better Person

Better mental health
A study conducted in 2010, looked at 400 families made up of several siblings. The results were published in The Journal of Family Psychology and researchers noted that having a senior sister promotes positive mental health and the self-esteem of her siblings.

The results also showed that these siblings also had a greater ability to empathize, communicate and resolve conflicts. Laura Padilla-Walker, a professor at Brigham Young University (BYU) and lead author of the study, said that even with all the conflicts that may occur within the family, "as long as they have 'affection, the positive will prevail'.

When brothers and sisters argue, they must learn to regulate their emotions. It's a crucial skill for later in life. And even if they disagree they are less lonely. Indeed, a sister is a person who speaks and communicates and if you are lucky enough to have one, you will be more likely to tell her about the problems you are experiencing in life.

There is also good news for women. Boys who grew up with their sisters are better communicators with women in general. This study revealed a very interesting thing: after the death of the parents, the sisters make a lot of effort to keep the family together.

"For parents, the message is to encourage fraternal affection, and once children are teenagers, it will be an important protective factor." Padilla-Walker told BYU News in 2010.

Develop more empathy
It's not just older children and parents who influence and shape children as they grow up. It turns out that younger siblings do it too, and in addition, they can also give their older siblings a greater chance to develop more empathy.

A Canadian study followed 452 pairs of siblings, all aged between one and a half and four years. The researchers noted "basic empathy" before the arrival of a brother or sister in the house. Having a younger brother or sister increases the elder's level of empathy.

This research confirms that brothers and sisters are here to make your world a better place.

So, despite the little conflicts or arguments you may have with your brothers and sisters, these are just small problems. Remember that your brothers and sisters will be with you throughout your life. Take care of it and keep your relationship strong!