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8 Signs That Someone Is Jealous Of You And How To Fix It

8 Signs That Someone Is Jealous Of You And How To Fix It

We have all had, at least once in our life, the unpleasant feeling of jealousy. It is a universal feeling, but quite human, without distinction of social background, age or sex. To envy someone for their social and financial success or for their physical attractiveness is not related to a feeling of hatred but to a sense of psychological conflict that brings us back to our fear and insecurity.

Signs That Someone Is Jealous

However, jealousy seems more difficult to manage when other people experience it. We can control our feelings but not those of others. We are idealized and demonized for our success but we forget that this success is the fruit of hard work, associated, however, with a certain insecurity in the face of our own doubts. When we find ourselves in front of a jealous person, we can try to remedy it, by reassuring it, by enhancing it, by shining its own success, but we can also move away from it when all efforts are in vain.
Here are the 8 signs that a person is jealous of you and how to fix it.

1. False compliments to you
Often, when we are jealous of you, we make you a compliment that sounds false or filled with masked aggressiveness. You feel it more, once your back is turned. You can calm this person by returning a sincere compliment if a happy event happens to him. Your authenticity will reduce her jealousy and minimize her risk of becoming a toxic person.

2. Lowering your success
When we are jealous of you, we always try to belittle your success by claiming that it is just a stroke of luck, even if you worked very hard to get there. The best way to counter the jealousy of these people is to avoid putting yourself at their level by making replies but rather to remain humble and firm in your achievements without boasting more of your success.

3. Displaying their own success
As you celebrate your success, you catch some people boasting about them, trying to steal the show. This is due to their minds filled with negative thoughts and envy but also their inability to achieve their own goals. So, the best course of action is to avoid showing them your annoyance and praise them sincerely for their accomplishments. You will change their envious behavior.

4. Limitation
A jealous person will automatically want to be like you or better. She imitates and adopts your dress code, your behavior and your attitude. This seems to strengthen her confidence. Do not be upset, but encourage her to follow her own path, make her own choices, and build self-confidence.

5. The competition
Jealous people always try to compete with you and be the only ones to reap success. According to clinical psychologist Melanie Greenberg, "these people are either insecure or arrogant and want to prove their superiority". To calm them down, try not to play their game but make them understand that you do not want to compete with them.

6. Celebrating your failure
When a person is jealous of you, she will jubilate and enjoy your failure in all discretion. Also, do not please him by showing him your annoyance. You can always make him understand that mistakes are part of human nature and that learning is born of success.

7. Gossip
The jealous ones will always try to speak ill of you, making hurtful and malicious remarks behind your back. According to author James Clear: "criticism and negativity do not stop you from reaching the finish line, but they can certainly distract you from it". Also, a confrontation with these people would be necessary to lead them to rethink or stop their unhealthy behavior.

8. The feeling of hatred
If it seems to us that someone around us is hating us for no good reason, she may just be jealous. You can always try to show this person that this jealousy does not happen. The best way to do this is to get away from it and avoid its negativity.

Jealousy is the characteristic of man. We will all be experiencing it one day. Let us not denigrate that feeling that can reach us and face people with great empathy, tact, understanding and positivity. After all, they just need to be understood to overcome their problem of self-esteem. So spread the love around you, it will return you well.