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9 Surprising Things That A Man Is Looking For In A Woman

9 Surprising Things That A Man Is Looking For In A Woman

If you ask a man what he finds attractive in a woman, the answer would probably be something like "pretty gluteus" or "beautiful face". Although these traits attract men, there are several other characteristics that play a much larger role. They are even unconsciously inclined to the "procreation" side of the thing, which reveals that in addition to characteristics such as kindness and tenderness, there is a real biological side that is important.

surprising things that a man is looking for in a woman

Acute voices
It could be shocking for women to see how so many men find that high-pitched voices are more attractive than hoarse voices. This is because acute voices are associated with youth and high energy levels and are generally perceived to be more feminine. Studies support this idea. It turns out that it is the opposite for women who prefer men with serious voices, which suggests more bodily strength and therefore virility.

Not only does the smile enhance your mood, but it also makes you more beautiful. Men also find the smile incredibly attractive on a subconscious level and are attracted to women who are not afraid to show that they are friendly and accessible. It also indicates user-friendliness and softness according to some studies.

The minimum of makeup
Makeup fans will certainly be sad to hear this, but it seems that men find ladies with little or no makeup much more attractive than those who put too much. A study of the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology found that men and women found faces with very little make-up more attractive. Women should not focus too much on this and should instead let their true beauty shine as it is. Otherwise adopt the nude makeup, it is also very trendy.

Big eyes
Women with big eyes seem to be more feminine and soft than others. Larger eyes are also related to longevity, health and reproductive potential. So you might wonder how could this be possible? Larger eyes report higher levels of estrogen, which means that it is easier for these women to conceive than for those with lower estrogen levels.

The symmetry
Symmetrical faces are not common, but men find them more attractive than others. It has to do with beauty and good genes. And the more a woman's genes are, the better her babies will be. It's as simple as that ! The imbalance is associated with bad genes and poor health, which is less attractive.

The Posterior or rather what is hidden behind
We all know that men prefer big backside, but what we do not know is that they are actually not big, because their shape is generated by the curve of the spine rather than the fat . An experiment conducted by Bilkent University in Turkey showed that the most attractive women were those who had a 45.5 degree curve, which made their posterior more bounced.

Ordinary appearance
It turns out that men find ordinary-looking women more attractive than hyper-attractive girls. Why is that ? The answer lies in the biology of evolution. Scientists have determined that ordinary or neutral-looking women have a more diverse set of genes, which is good when it comes to reproduction. Men therefore unconsciously feel this and are attracted to these women.

The smell
We have all heard about pheromones, but what we do not know is how much they affect the choice of our partner. Men "feel" the most genetically compatible that can give them healthy babies. Obviously, pheromones give all kinds of information about us, including immune system status and fertility levels.

The Red
Not only do animals use the red color as a marker for mating, but it seems that humans too do it! Men are biologically programmed to react to red color in a specific way. So if women want to get their attention, they should just wear red dresses (or put on red lipstick). Studies show that most men have no idea of this effect, which is not as prevalent in women as it is in men.