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Here Is The Only Thing That Can End All Weddings!

Here Is The Only Thing That Can End All Weddings!

At a time when divorce is as common as marriage, it can be difficult to get involved. Indeed, some people are terrified of suffering from a failed marriage, while others marry marriage marriage to reinforce the idea that it is possible to overcome failure.

So yes, it is possible to consider a happy marriage or remarriage, to the extent that some errors are not reproduced. Likewise, some healthy rules must be laid down so that each partner can flourish in his marriage. Moreover, if one of these rules, conscious and unconscious, such as the fidelity is broken, it is often the marriage which flies in brightness.

Thing That Can End All Weddings

Indeed, infidelity, which is illustrated by an act of deception, usually sign the death knell of a marriage or at least, announces a multitude of future problems within the couple.

Making as many victims women as men, adultery breaks the pact of legal and religious fidelity that falls on both spouses. But it is especially the announcement of a dysfunction within the couple or on the part of the unfaithful because in spite of a displayed physical intimacy freedom, the unfaithfulness makes suffer the person deceived as much as the infidel. So why inflict such suffering and jeopardize marriage?

Beyond the circumstances and environment more or less conducive to deception, two important parameters are taken into account to explain such an act: love feelings and satisfaction. Thus, according to a study, one of the main reasons for an act of deception would be lack of love (according to 77% of untruthful people surveyed). Then comes the desire to have multiple partners (74%), to feel neglected by the person who shares his life (70%), alcohol or lack of clear ideas (70%), to improve his self-esteem (57%), angry (43%) or lack of attachment to their partner (41%). In addition, the study reveals that cheater women are generally more affected by this phenomena because of a feeling of negligence on the part of their partner, while cheater men are more attracted to physical intimacy debauchery.

Thus, it is essential to remain vigilant about the well-being of the union. Trust, communication, respect, fidelity and love are essential components of a strong and happy marriage. However, it is sometimes difficult to know how to maintain these basic notions. This is why, to avoid letting infidelity into your marriage, it is necessary to make efforts on a daily basis. So, to help you, here are some tips that will help you maintain your union.

How to maintain your marriage?

To make oneself available
At the beginning of a relationship, we are obsessed with our partner. But as the couple solidifies and the marriage is realized, we take the other for granted. Yet it is important that the other feels our constant availability for him, just as we must feel that he is and will always be there for us. So above all, do not forget to make yourself available because by being attentive to each other, you maintain a bond of trust and affection.

To dispute correctly
Like any couple and since you are two different and unique people, it's normal to argue. However, it must be done intelligently so that the dispute becomes a useful compromise. Therefore, be sure to say what you do not like scandal every time and take the initiative to propose a solution to the problem.

Keep a personal space
Although the concept that a couple is two people who are just one, it is important to remember that each of you has qualities and flaws or dreams and disillusions of your own. So, it is normal that each partner keeps a personal space to better find themselves within the couple, without feeling aggrieved in his personality, his vision of things or his social life.

Have a sense of humor
Men come from Mars and women from Venus but ... humor brings them together. Indeed, to create happy memories, relax, maintain his complicity and his couple, nothing better than laughter. So, over time, keep the sense of humor as it always leads to love!

Regularly maintain the flame
It goes without saying that for a marriage to be happy and far from infidelity, it is necessary to maintain the feelings in love but also the desire and the desire appetite! Communicate reg