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10 Things You Need To Remove From Your Facebook Profile Immediately!

10 Things You Need To Remove From Your Facebook Profile Immediately!

Easy to use, social networks are growing in the daily lives of everyone. Keeping in touch with those around him, social networks, and in particular Facebook, are the scene of family photo albums, personal information and publications of all kinds concerning our moods. But is this virtual sharing safe?

Many controversies arise about the dangers and risks associated with Facebook, including the protection of personal data. The latest is a British data analytics firm, Cambridge Analytica, which reportedly used Facebook users' personal data to influence their votes during the US presidential election. This puts into question the data protection measures. However, it is also important to review our behavior in order to prevent this type of misuse. 

Indeed, what we share can be detrimental to our safety and that of our loved ones, which is why it is essential to have a preventive and responsible attitude by removing some things from our Facebook profile including the 10 below!

10 Things You Need To Remove From Your Facebook Page Immediately

The 10 things to delete from his Facebook profile

1. Your friends "
Most Facebook users have a "friends" list much larger than the reality. With reliable friends and knowledge of a party, it's hard to know who will benefit from our personal data. So, focus on distrust and reduce your circle of friends to the bare necessities.

2. Your birthday
The birthday date does not inform only about your age. Indeed, it allows to know your first and last names and even to have access to your bank accounts, and thus to be a victim of identity theft. Many organizations use your birthday as a sign of recognition and confidentiality.

3. Your phone number
In the same way that you refuse to give your phone number to a stranger, you should refuse to share it on Facebook. Indeed, your phone number may reveal your last name, first name and personal information. Not to mention that this is the best way to be a victim of canvassing and / or harassment.

4. Pictures of your children
Numbers of sordid stories about child kidnapping provide insight into the dangers of publishing photos of his children. Much more than a visual recognition, it allows criminals to sell them on the internet by integrating their photo into a catalog. In addition, the publication of photos without the consent of the person, even if it is a child, is punishable and it is appropriate to think about the future life of the child. This is the first generation of children whose photos are published on the internet and it is not yet possible to determine the consequences that they will have on their future social life.

5. The name of your child's school
It may seem trivial to share the name of your child's school, but in addition to offering a potential kidnapper photos of the child, you offer him the name of the place where he spends his day. It is better to prevent by not distributing any information about your children.

6. Location Services
By providing information about who is where and when, location services provide valuable information to criminals and advertisers who increase their visibility if you are in the same industry.

7. Your director or CEO
Having a director or CEO as a friend on Facebook can hurt you. Many judgments have given reason to the companies that dismissed some of their employees in the face of criticism of their work. In addition, you may receive warnings if you share certain content from the competition or share photos of you in the sun while you are supposed to be on sick leave.

8. Your dates and holiday destinations
When you share your dates and vacation destination, you share the times when you will not be at home, making it easier for burglars to work. It should also be noted that some requests for insurance after burglary are refused on the basis of such publication.

9. The status of your relationship
Although being in a relationship is exciting news, you can not determine how long your relationship will last. So, to avoid suffering more at the time of breakup and change of love status, avoid sharing it from the beginning.

10. Your financial information
In general, in real life or on the web, never transmit your bank information because publishing your credit card number is the best way to end up with an indebted bank account.