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Why People With Type O Blood Are Exceptionally Special

Why People With Type O Blood Are Exceptionally Special

Do you know your blood type? Whether it is type A, B, or O groups, scientific research has revealed that blood type influences the personality and character of each individual. Moreover, people in the O blood group are the most sought after. Discover in this article what makes group O an exceptional group.

About 10,000 blood donations are needed to treat the sick per day. And this figure tends to increase ... Blood donors type O blood are the most sought after because this group is a universal donor because of the absence of antigens in its red blood cells. In addition to this quality, people who have a blood group O are renowned for having an outstanding personality.

Why People With Type O Blood Are Exceptionally Special

Blood type, what is it?

Blood consists of plasma in which there are three types of blood cells: white blood cells, red blood cells and blood platelets.

The blood group of a person varies according to the presence or not of the antigens (that is to say proteins and sugars) present on the surface of the red blood cells in the blood. There are three types of antigens (A, B and AB) that distinguish four different blood groups. We speak of group O when there is complete absence of antigens on the surface of red blood cells.

It is important to know your blood differences because there are naturally antibodies in the blood (called agglutinins) that stand up against antigens that the body does not have. This means that a person belonging to group A contains antibodies against group B and AB antigen. Thus, it is impossible to transfuse to a group A person with group B or AB blood. This would produce a destruction of red blood cells (called hemolysis). For example, a group that does not contain any antigen (type O group) is the preferred group for blood donation. Let's take a closer look at the benefit of O-type blood.

The genetic characteristics of blood group O

The results of several studies have shown that people with blood group O are less at risk of certain diseases such as heart attacks or diabetes. Indeed, group O does not have the Adams-7 gene that can increase the risk of heart disease. Scientists have also studied the case of more than 82,000 women for nearly 18 years and discovered that there is a possible link between blood type and risk of type 2 diabetes. Moreover, because of the low Thyroid and iodine hormones, these people are less likely to have ulcers or disorders of the thyroid gland. Thus, these people have a longer life expectancy than women in groups A, B and AB.

Another peculiarity of the blood group O is that it can be transfused to people of all other groups (A, B and AB). In fact, this blood does not carry the A or B antigens on the red blood cells (the antibodies A and B are both in the plasma). Thus, it can give red blood cells to anyone, especially the negative O-type donor, known as the universal donor.

Unlike other groups that can all receive, people of the type O blood group can not receive blood transfusions from any group other than the O group.

Personality traits of people of type O blood group

According to several observations, people of the O blood group have a proven sense of leadership and proactivity. These people are also full of energy and have the ability to stay focused on what they do. If a group O person starts a friendship or friendship relationship, they will be faithful in this relationship and will do their utmost to support and encourage those close to them. Another quality observed in Type O people is their punctuality, initiative and perfectionism. 

Do you know that in Japan, this last trait of character is much sought after by business leaders? Yes, sometimes employers ask for the blood type of candidates during job interviews. Indeed, they argue that such candidates are more committed, responsible and organized.