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Ranking Of Women From The Most To The Least Kind, According To Their Zodiac Sign

Ranking Of Women From The Most To The Least Kind, According To Their Zodiac Sign

If you look at a person's astrological sign, it can help you understand why she is such and such a personality. And if you're wondering why one woman is mean and another is kinder, here's what their zodiac signs say to get answers.

Women From The Most To The Least Kind, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Libra women are very nice. These peaceful angels are peacemakers and would rather be unhappy than to see someone around them unhappy. They believe in justice, equality and harmony, even if it is at their expense. They seek to regulate the different rather than trigger them. If you ever have problems with a Libra woman, it is clear that you are the source of the problem.

Unlike her name "Bull", which may seem aggressive, a Bull woman is patient. Sensitive to criticism, she makes a point of not criticizing others. She is warm and generous. If you make her angry, you will see her hard side emerge, but reluctantly. That's why you should never upset a bull woman.

Gentle, helpful and non-aggressive, Fish women hate conflict, nastiness and gossip. If you try to train a Pisces woman into a conflict, she will do anything to avoid confrontation.

Although they tend to be agitated and impatient, Sagittarius women rarely allow this to turn into hostility or aggression. If you are uncomfortable with them, they will not be aggressive, they will simply disengage by moving away.

This sign is famous for being friendly and kind and Aquarius women do not have time for stupidities or blows. Nor do they have time for bad and cruel people. But that does not mean that they are angels, they are also rebellious and do not tolerate being abused. If you are mean to an Aquarian woman, she will not give you any gifts.

Gemini women tend to be nice and extroverted. They also tend to chat a lot. If you really want to see their less angelic side, make them angry and their moods will change dramatically.

The Leo woman is warm, friendly, indulgent, and even ready to smile all day. But do not let that make you think she is just a harmless little kitten, because inside this kitten, there is the heart of a leos. Her biggest fault is that, once angry, she can be hard and insensitive. So you must never push a Leo woman.

Cancer women can be nice or nasty depending on their mood. If you find a Cancer woman in a good mood, she will hug you, kiss you, congratulate you and tell you that she is jealous of your beauty. But if you find her in a bad light, you should be careful because she will not be really nice.

The Virgo are innocent and calm. When a Virgo becomes wicked, it is rarely physical or verbal violence. She practices a much more subtle and passive-aggressive form. She will wrap compliments in a bitter phrase like "It's a beautiful dress, and your hair is fabulous today, it's time!"

Ask a woman Aries, and she will tell you that she is brave, confident, passionate, energetic, and even a little spirited. It's a very nice way to say impatient, hyperactive, stubborn, and arrogant. Aries women are not the most wicked, but it's not for lack of trying.

Capricorn women, although they are patient, once you have made them angry or hurt, expect the worst. They will not slam the door in your face and will not yell at you, but they could just gossip and hurt you.

This is the only sign that you should not be angry, because he will want to take revenge with the methodical coldness of a serial killer. Scorpio women are combative, suspicious and vengeful. They can be very nice if you do not disturb them. But if you ever do it, never turn your back on them, if you do, their scorpion tail will be ready to sting you.