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8 Bad Daily Habits Harmful To Women

8 Bad Daily Habits Harmful To Women

Women have a daily routine of care and cleaning, and most of them swear by this. These daily rituals (brushing, showering, moisturizing, wearing sunscreen, etc.) are ordinary habits. However, some of these habits, considered sacrosanct, can be harmful to women's health in the long run. There are, in fact, medical dangers inherent in some of the most common everyday rituals that women practice.

8 Bad Daily Habits Harmful To Women

8 daily rituals that are harmful to women in the long run

1. Wash your intimate part with soap
There is no doubt that hygiene is paramount, and every woman wants to keep her private parts clean. But soaping the intimate part may not be the ideal thing to do. Just wash it with water. If the chemicals in the soap enter the vulva, it can upset the natural pH balance of the intimate part and make it unnecessarily dry and irritating. All women should know that the intimate part has a self-cleaning mechanism that works by producing white mucus to prevent the growth of microbes.

2. Wear the same sanitary pad  all day
Experts advise changing the pads every 4 hours during menstruation. This is to prevent any infection or proliferation of bacteria. Even when the bleeding becomes less important, you should not spend the whole day with the same towel. This can lead to infection and redness.

3. Wash your bra once a week
Experts believe that a bra should be washed at best after three uses. Extended use without washing will make it dirty which will give it a bad smell

4. Wear a black bra in the summer
Wear a floral, colorful and white bra for the hot season, for the simple reason that a black bra will make you feel warmer than the light one.

5. Wear your bra while sleeping
It is a harmful practice to wear your bra while sleeping. It keeps your pectoral muscles compressed, and because of this the circulation of nerves in your arms is also affected. It can even damage the breast tissue. In addition, the hook of the strap of the bra can cause bruising, or simply hurt you during sleep.

6. Wear a bra underwire
Skin irritation, poor blood circulation and hyperpigmentation are some of the disadvantages of wearing a underwire bra quite frequently. It is possible to wear it from time to time, but do not make it a daily habit. Let your breasts breathe, do not wear bra too tight.

7. Spray the deodorant on your skin
It is a harmful practice, it can cause breast cancer too. Deodorants are made of toxic chemicals, and spraying them directly onto your skin, can induce these toxins into your bloodstream. Use it on your clothes, even if the packaging indicates that it is safe for use on the skin. Deodorants expose you to a risk of breast cancer.

According to a recent Swiss study, it has been shown that 80% of cancerous tumors appear next to the armpit hollow, due to deodorants containing aluminum salts. If you can not do without it, opt for biological deodorants that do not contain chemicals and especially not aluminum salts.

8. You do not cover yourself in the sun
When you go out in the sun, always cover your head and arms. Ultraviolet rays can burn your skin or cause skin cancer in the worst case. Protect yourself with sunscreen, keep your body covered. Never expose yourself to direct and intense sunlight, especially between noon and six o'clock.