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8 Disgusting And Weird Things That Women Do But Never Admit

8 Disgusting And Weird Things That Women Do But Never Admit

Secret and secretive nature, women love to indulge in small pleasures when they are alone at home and no one sees them! Overview of things weird, disgusting, or at least not very clean, that women do away with prying eyes ...

This is no secret: women like to hide to practice all kinds of activities not very clear or disgusting!

Disgusting And Weird Things That Women Do But Never Admit

They do not hesitate to put on some dirty clothes, carefully scrutinize the condition of their tampons or sanitary pads, or talk to themselves or even cry in front of their big mirror. 

1. Check the condition of its tampon or sanitary pads:
Bizarre as a habit no? And yet: this is indeed a practice that some women adopt. Some women are reassured when they see what their menstrual blood looks like, as if they were discovering it for the very first time! They can even spend hours looking at what their used tampon or used sanitary napkin looks like. If it is for them to check the color of their menstrual blood because they are worried about their health, we can understand ...

2. Recover her dirty bra  from laundry and put it back:
And yes ladies, it's no longer useless to deny it. Some people can put their favorite bra back in a row, because they swear by it because it's so comfortable and so beautiful ... Remember to change it regularly to avoid getting into a bad habit. true sense of the word)!

3. Fight ingrown hairs:
This is one of the favorite hobbies of women! It can even literally become an obsession for some. These last spend their evening to take care of these hairs that ruin their existence ... Courage ladies, the task is tough!

4. Crying in front of the mirror:
You are alone, slumped on your couch. And suddenly, you start crying, even hot tears! The first thing you do? Go take a look at your face puffy and ravaged by your tears running down your cheeks reddened ... Funny way to admire you no?

5. Do not turn off all the lights in your room:
Real little natures, some women may be afraid of the dark, even arrived at a certain age ... Do not worry ladies, you are certainly not the only ones to leave your bedside lamp on all night ... Moreover, some of between you are still sleeping with a soft toy!

6. Feel his clothes to know if they smell good or not:
This is one of the practices that is often associated with boys. Yet, feeling your clothes to see if they smell good or not is also a girls affair!

In addition, a recent Brazilian study showed that women had a more developed sense of smell than men. No doubt this is the reason why they engage in this practice for the least strange but effective!

7. Take off her bra, as soon as you arrive at home:
It's more like the strange things that women do when they get home, especially when their darlings are not there ... Take off your bra at night as if it were a deliverance when you have bothered to carefully choose it in the morning.

8. Wear the same clothes several days in a row:
Admit ladies that this is a fairly common practice but still well hidden and hidden. But if some of you still make the effort not to put the same outfit for several days in a row, others on the other hand give it to heart when they know in particular, they will not see again the same people the next day. Real good news for some lazy damsels, is not it?