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Her Son Suddenly Has Strange Rashes - When His Mom Realizes This Nightmare, She Immediately Takes Him To The Emergency Room

Her Son Suddenly Has Strange Rashes - When His Mom Realizes This Nightmare, She Immediately Takes Him To The Emergency Room

For a parent, there is nothing more precious than the life of their childer. We care about their education, health and comfort. However, when a misfortune occurs and affects their health, it is the real turmoil. The anxiety is all the more amplified when you do not know the source of the problem that affects him, or how to fix it, such as a strange skin rash.

Her son suddenly has strange rashes

Websites today can be of great help in helping us find news or documenting a topic related to a health problem. In social networks, for example, testimonials from Internet users are often told and refer to certain experiences that can inform us about initiatives or emergency measures to be taken urgently, which can save us sometimes fatal complications. We all did at one point, this internet research experience but for Karen Mc Gregor, this initiative saved her child's life.

Her son suddenly has strange rashes

Karen's nightmare

Karen is a mother of a 2 year old boy. One day she saw a rash for, the least weird, all over her child's body. At first, she confused it with a simple irritation or an allergy, possibly due to the meadow grass in which her son used to play. But alerted by her intuition and maternal instinct, she preferred to deepen her investigation about this eruption.

Her son suddenly has strange rashes

What were Karen's efforts?

Karen recalled a message she had read on a social network that warned readers about the symptoms of a condition called Lyme disease, especially since Karen was challenged by these symptoms. were similar to those of her son.

Generally Lyme disease is caught by tick bites. Yet Karen has never seen it on her son's body. She took the initiative, for more security, to go urgently to consult the hospital doctor, who diagnosed the famous Lyme disease. Fortunately, if this disease is detected early, it can be treated with antibiotics. Thus, her son was able to benefit urgently from all the necessary care and treatment and to see her life safe. Karen's quick reaction to this event saved her son's life.

After experiencing all these worries and stress, Karen decided to bring the attention of all Internet users to the symptoms of this disease. She was aware that without the testimonials of the social network, she would not have the reflex to react well and save her son. She decided, therefore, to do the same to make other parents more vigilant about this disease. Her message was shared by several social network users and by doctors, who found it relevant to post photos of Karen's son's rash for more clarity about the disease.

What is Lyme disease?

Lyme disease is an infection caused by a bacterium, spread by tick bite. This disease can be dangerous if it is not treated in time because it can affect the nervous system, heart, muscles and joints. Also, meningitis or paralysis are the main consequences of this disease.

Symptoms of Lyme disease

Her son suddenly has strange rashes

According to the Center for Disease Control in the United States, the symptoms of Lyme disease are mainly:

The rash called erythema migrans (EM) that usually appears one to four weeks after the tick bite.
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Appearance of swollen lymph nodes

Important facts:

If the disease is not treated at an early stage, it could result
  • Chronic inflammation, especially in the knees.
  • Temporary paralysis of the face or meningitis.

However, if the tick is extracted quickly before it stings the skin, there will be no risk of infection; more reason to take precautionary measures.

Precautionary measures
During a nature walk with your children, it would be a good idea to protect yourself with long-sleeved clothes and long pants, as well as adequate shoes and socks.

Make an inspection of the skin and if there is a tick on the body, it is advisable to extract it with pliers.