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Here's How To Relieve Knee Pain With This Simple And Effective Remedy

Here's How To Relieve Knee Pain With This Simple And Effective Remedy

Relieving joint pain, especially the knee is not always easy especially when the pain becomes chronic. Whether this condition occurs as a result of an injury, or a latent disease such as arthritis, it is often disabling.

These articular pains limit our movements and our activities and our sleep becomes disturbed which is not always pleasant to support. According to INSERM, National Institute of Health and Medical Research, 1 in 2 French suffers from joint pain. More research is still ongoing to find more appropriate and effective treatments.

Relieve Knee Pain With This Simple And Effective Remedy

General method for treating joint pain

Anti-inflammatory and analgesic medications are the usual remedy for most people who experience joint pain because they provide relief in most cases. However, this method is not devoid of danger to health, especially for people suffering from stomach upset and who see their disease accentuate with digestive disorders, nausea, dizziness. Especially since these drugs provide only temporary relief without resolving the source of the disease. Healing one evil to create another is not always a good idea.

Healthy diet against joint pain

According to Dr. Raphaël Perez, author of several books and specialist in natural health, it is possible to reduce joint pain by consuming a healthy diet. Thus, by adopting a diet low in toxins and especially uric acid, the main cause of joint pain, avoiding stress, adopting adequate physical activity and at the same time rest, the body will regain its energy and consume less toxins which will reduce the toxemia. In doing so, the body will destock the uric acid deposits in the joints.

Natural remedies in external application for relief of joint pain

Some natural remedies can be an alternative to this annoyance and soothe knee pain, using ingredients that are usually found at hand in our homes.

Have you heard about the lemon-based remedy and sesame oil? If this is not the case, we will present their benefits to relieve your joint pain.

The lemon is full of calcium and vitamin C which significantly improves the health of our bones. Used to relieve many bone diseases, it relieves inflammatory polyarthritis, osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, the essential oil of lemon has an anti-inflammatory and relaxing effect of the blood vessels, effective for treating nerve and joint pains. In addition to its anti-bacterial, anti-nausea properties, it contains limonene and beta pinene and gamma terpinene, similar to vitamin P which promotes blood fluidity and thus calms the nervous system and joint pain.

Sesame oil is extracted from sesame seeds and is rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids. It is full of vitamins and antioxidants and contains minerals including magnesium and calcium. Sesame oil has cosmetic benefits as nourishing, regenerating, soothing and healing. Fatty, linoleic and oleic acids give sesame oil analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Used in massage, it can effectively relieve muscle and joint pain and maintain flexibility and strengthening.

  • 1 to 2 lemons
  • Sesame oil
  • 1 piece of clean fabric


Wrap the lemons cut into small pieces in a clean cotton cloth. Heat the sesame oil without burning it. Dip the lemon tissue into the oil and place it on the sore area for about 10 minutes. Repeat the operation 2 times a day until the pain disappears.

Another tip: drink a glass of lukewarm lukewarm water every morning on an empty stomach.

It is advisable to use lemon sparingly because of its abrasive effect. But if you suffer from heartburn, stomach ulcers, kidney and biliary disorders or citrus allergies, avoid lemon consumption.

Do not use sesame oil, which can cause pruritus in case of sesame allergy.