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10 Incredible Ways To Use Lemons In Your Home

10 Incredible Ways To Use Lemons In Your Home

Fruits in general are known for their health benefits. For the most part, they are antioxidants, they protect against cancer and fight against different diseases. The lemon, which belongs to the citrus family, is a key element. However, its benefits do not stop there. He has many other virtues; it's a real beauty product and an excellent cleaning product.

Lemon is a multifunctional fruit and could surprise us. In addition to its antioxidant properties due to the flavonoids it contains to protect cells against free radicals, it also has several virtues to its credit. Thanks to its vitamin C and its pH 2.5 acidity exactly, it allows to clean and whiten. Carotenoids and coumarins also give lemons powerful qualities, antioxidants and antiseptics.

10 Incredible Ways To Use Lemons In Your Home

The 10 ways to use lemon otherwise

1. Shard of linen
Lemon is an astringent and has natural whitening properties thanks to citric acid. To find the shine of your socks for example or your laundry in general, just add a slice of lemon in a bowl of boiled water and put your laundry. It will be bright in no time and regain its authentic whiteness.

Another tip: add the juice of 1/2 lemon in the tray of your washing machine.

2. Air freshener
Lemon is part of the olfactory "citrus" family. It has an exceptional aroma and amazing freshness. No need to worry about the smell of your hands after preparing your meals. The smell of garlic, fish or onions, will magically disappear with lemon. You can dip your hands in a bowl of lemon juice and you're done. This juice will allow you to remove bad smells and keep hands pleasantly scented.

Another tip: To remove the bad smell of your refrigerator, you can leave a lemon cut and bad odors will be quickly eradicated.

3. Cleanliness of the bathroom
To avoid the use of maintenance products, which for the most part contain chemicals, you can use lemon juice as a spray on the entire surface of your shower or bathtub. The citric acid will break down the limescale deposits. In addition, its antibacterial and antiseptic properties will disinfect the molds that reside there.

4. Seed planting
No need to throw lemon peels. You can reuse them if you need to plant seeds in your garden. To do this, simply pierce half of a lemon previously cleaned, fill it with soil and add a seed. You can plant the lemon in your outdoor garden. Lemon is by nature biodegradable and therefore will not present any danger.

5. Antirust
The lemon acid will help stop rust stains. A simple mixture of water and lemon juice can stop rust stains on a fabric. This is to let this mixture act on the stain for about thirty minutes.

Another tip: to clean rust clogged on silverware or steel, you can put pure lemon juice directly and let it act for several minutes before rinsing.

6. Cleanliness of cutlery
Over time, the cutlery may look aged by limestone. Just take a sponge soaked in lemon juice and wipe all your cutlery. They will recover their usual brightness.

7. Brush cleaning
To clean your brushes, nothing better than lemon with the miraculous effect of its citric acid. All you have to do is put your brushes in a bowl of hot, lemony water. After 15 minutes, your brushes will be cleared of any paint.

8. Garden protection
To protect your garden from unwanted visitors, you can bury lemon peels regularly in summer. They will also prevent squirrels and cats from digging the earth.

9. Antigrippe
Rich in vitamin C, it is the effective remedy against the flu and nasal congestion. Just make a lemon tea and drink it hot. It will also sanitize and soften the throat in the event of a cold snap.

10. Cleanliness of cooking utensils
Once again thanks to its citric acid content, lemon helps to overcome stubborn stains and embellish your kitchen utensils, whether copper or stainless steel.

Another tip: If you end up with a burnt pan bottom, just wipe it with a mixture of hot water, lemon and a tablespoon of baking soda and you're done.