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10 Irritating Things That Women Do And Push Men To Mislead Them, Classified From The Most To The Least Serious

10 Irritating Things That Women Do And Push Men To Mislead Them, Classified From The Most To The Least Serious

Why do men cheat? Well, if a man has a mistress, there's probably a reason, right? It may be that his partner is not as close to him as he would like. Or maybe she does not attract him anymore or he finds her annoying or distant in the bedroom? Or maybe he just likes the idea of having someone else who wants it.

Whatever his ultimate reason, his mistress probably has things that his partner does not have. Things he really likes. And as his relationship with his mistress revolves around pleasure, seduction, he can not do without it, especially since his relationship with his wife is very likely complicated.

10 Irritating Things That Women Do And Push Men To Mislead Them, Classified From The Most To The Least Serious

"Victoria Milan", one of the leading dating sites for extramarital affairs wanted to know why so many people cheat and cheat on their partner. 8210 male members of several nationalities were interviewed and here are the 10 irritating things that would have pushed them to that ranked in descending order of gravity.

1. Frequent mood changes
In new relationships, most people try to stay positive and happy so that they can stay attractive. But once the relationship is established, the mood swings are more blatant. The survey also shows that 97% of men surveyed say it is the most irritating behavior of their partner.

2. Jealousy
If a man has a mistress, it would not be surprising if his partner is jealous and suspicious. However, 96% of men surveyed in the same study say they do not like this behavior. Maybe this is a character trait of the partner that is excessive and even reaches possessiveness or that it is simply a consequence of the partner's behavior and actions.

3. Discuss their intimacy life with friends
These men are not fans of seeing their intimacy life shared with others. According to the survey, 93% of members found this behavior very irritating. The longer you stay together, the more likely you are to have mutual friends. It can be embarrassing and disturbing for your friends to know your intimacy.

4. Get angry easily
90% of the men in this survey noted that their partners were easily angry. When both partners live together, it can be more complicated, so your spouse may be upset by very little things.

5. Do not say what they want
89% of men find this annoying. Women often tend to expect their partner to be intuitive, especially if the relationship has been going on for a long time. They keep their expectations for them, do not express them and suddenly they are frustrated not to see their companion grant them. Hence a sense of frustration that often generates anger.

6. Avoid physical intimacy
The survey reveals that this behavior annoys 88% of men. With time, things can slow down in the bedroom. And since men often have a higher sensual desire than women, they often turn to a third person to meet their needs.

7. The constant need for comfort
It seems that 87% of the men in this survey do not want to be the ones who give their partner confidence about his appearance. They may not know what to say, and seeing their partner constantly in insecurity annoys them.

8. Obsession for size
Women can be quite often obsessed with the size of their man. The study reveals that 87% of these men find it embarrassing this fixation on the size. While in a transient relationship, this point is not so important.

9. Want to share food in restaurants
As surprising as it may seem, 65% of men find this unbearable. Women may want to share food because it makes them feel closer to their partner. Same for the finances.

10. Ask too many questions
According to the survey, 65% of men find this irritating. Women often ask questions because they worry and want to make sure you are safe, is it really so bad?

This survey is really helpful for unfaithful men and their partners. If you are a man who thinks he has (or already has) a mistress, be aware that your behavior can cause your partner to do these irritating things. If you are a woman in a serious relationship, try to analyze your own behaviors. Because it is possible that you are moving your man away from you. It therefore seems that with a little effort from both partners, these problems can be completely avoided.