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The Older You Get, The More You Hate People (Here's Why)

The Older You Get, The More You Hate People (Here's Why)

With age and the experience of life, one acquires maturity. We understand that life is only a succession of experiments that give us lessons for life. Our choices are clearer, our desires more founded and our future project becomes simple, summed up in search of a good company, a happy and quiet life, far from all the hassles of everyday life. We feel no desire to prove to others, our skills, our values. We know what we are worth.

When we get older, we know what suits us and what disturbs us and we welcome life more serenely, because we have learned to observe ourselves, to perceive our emotions and to manage them. One no longer feels the need to please others; because we have nothing more to prove. We establish positivity in our life by avoiding negativity in all its forms, capable of sowing in us an energy harmful to our body and our soul. Our circle of friends is restricted and we are kept around us only people who can bring us joy and good humor.

The Older You Get, The More You Hate People (Here's Why)

Research has shown that the further we go in the age, the less we get closer to people and therefore the less we have confidants. Several explanations have emerged to clarify this state of affairs.

Priority is given to what is important to us

We are filled with youth and we feel that the world belongs to us and that we have all our life to live our dreams. On the other hand, old age makes us understand that time is precious. Also, we take advantage of every minute and every second, devoting this time to what is important to us. The night outings, the evenings watered or the posh places do not interest us any more. To enjoy each member of our family remains our top priority and the most important thing for us, by dedicating a qualitative time, a time of exchange, a time that counts and that is not forgotten. We realize that time runs at high speed, so we favor the moment even for short moments, we immortalize these moments with photos, we savor the little magical moments by hugs, games; simply by moments of unforgettable happiness.

We avoid hypocrites

Hypocrisy is no longer part of life in adulthood. Sincerity takes place quickly. Instead of uttering an uninteresting phrase to a person we hardly know or appreciate, we prefer to be true rather than being nice. A sincere sentence devoid of any lie will be sufficient. At the same time, we will be attracted by sincere people in their gestures, their words and their actions; people who bring a positive note in our lives.

We respect the lives of others

Time and experience are great teachers in self-knowledge and others. Wisdom teaches us to turn away from the problems and conflicts of others that no longer concern us so as to no longer impregnate us with their bad energy, which in the end can only rub off on us. Especially since respecting the lives of others becomes a fundamental principle. We realize quickly that the help we want to provide will be fruitless and fruitless.

We restrict our circle of friends

With age, the idea of making new friends no longer has any interest for us. Once schooling is over and our lives are normal, we start having other priorities that are more related to our family. We are looking for quality rather than quantity in friendship. We try to build healthy relationships away from any profit and personal interest. This example could also be for a family member or co-worker, negative or defeatist who in the long run becomes a toxic relationship.

The mature age crosses many paths strewn with pitfalls but it allows us to leave it, strong, determined and well enlightened. We know how to make the difference between a harmful person in our balance that we want to eradicate from our life forever and a person full of positive energy to which we cling with all our strength.