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12 Pairs Of Astrological Signs That Are Not Meant To Be Friends! Their Relationship Is Toxic!

12 Pairs Of Astrological Signs That Are Not Meant To Be Friends! Their Relationship Is Toxic!

There are friendships that never die and friends who are still in our lives, so others are only there for a while. It is not because a friendship has been short or has become harmful that nothing is gained. People can make a passage in our lives to teach us something about ourselves, but to better recognize toxic friendships, astrology tells us that some signs are less likely to agree than others in terms of friendship. Here are some examples that are not exhaustive because a sign may not be consistent with several other signs of the zodiac.

Astrological Signs

1. Aries and Cancer
Aries tends to be impulsive and wants to do things instantly, while Cancer is more cautious and prefers to think. Both signs may want to control the relationship and that's where things get tense. Cancer is not spontaneous enough to please Aries, and these two signs will eventually harm each other and their friendship will become complicated.

2. Taurus and Capricorn
These two signs are reliable and down-to-earth, this resemblance can besides quickly become problematic. Neither of them wants to change and they tend to be inflexible. If no one is willing to compromise, then the problems remain unresolved and the relationship ends. This friendship, though very promising, will eventually disappear.

3. Gemini and Taurus
These two signs know how to have fun and party. The problem is that Taurus knows when to stop, which is not the case with Gemini. The obvious frivolity of the latter will not fail to annoy the Bull and the day when it will be too much time, it can end in big hassle. Both parties will be injured and their friendship over.

4. Cancer and Libra
Confront the insensitivity of a Libra to the hypersensitivity of Cancer and here you are before a big problem. Both signs may be in a bad mood, but if so, it will never be good. It is a relationship where there is too much emotion and resentment, common sense does not prevail and their friendship ends in emotional turmoil.

5. Leo and Leo
A struggle for power, that's what a Leo-Leo friendship looks like. They are both competitive and all will be fine as long as there is balance, but the day one of them will outgrow the other, it will be the beginning of the end. And as the eyes of others are important to both, this friendship will end in the greatest calm.

6. Virgo and Aries
At first, the Virgo friend will be very impressed by Aries desire for adventure, but over time, his temerity and lack of control will eventually come into conflict with the Virgin's philosophy of life. No matter how Aries might seek forgiveness, his Virgo friend will probably not forgive him unless he makes a huge gesture.

7. Libra and Scorpion
These two signs have many things to please as friends, but the intensity and obsessive tendencies of Scorpio could hurt his friend Libra. On the other side, Scorpio will not appreciate Libra's light approach to truth and faithfulness. Suddenly, the least new meeting of Libra could be the sign of the end of this friendship.

8. Scorpio and Gemini
These two signs are extremely intelligent and magnetic. However, as the relationship grows, Scorpio will be increasingly frustrated by the tendency of his friend Gemini to not take things seriously. For him, there is a time for everything, including taking responsibility. It is a friendship that may end badly.

9. Sagittarius and Virgo
Both signs are intelligent and have a good sense of humor, except that Sagittarius will digest badly criticism from his friend Virgo. The more time passes, the more the relationship becomes stifling for Sagittarius who will not wait long before deciding to disappear.

10. Capricorn and Sagittarius
Capricorns like to have friends like Sagittarius who know how to have fun. Nevertheless, the latter can sometimes be light enough in the eyes of Capricorn, so if his friend Sagittaire hurts him without doing it on purpose, he will stifle it until the day it explodes. Sagittarius on its side will see this anger as unjustified, resentment will grow and the relationship will become toxic.

11. Aquarius and Leo
These two signs like to please people but in two completely different ways. As the humanism and altruism of Aquarius are confronted with the pride and material inclinations of the Leo, this friendship will end in the cold war.

12. Pisces and Aquarius
These two signs are extremely creative and imaginative. However, Pisces will eventually become overly emotional and sticky to Aquarius. The friend Pisces will be able to play the card of the victim, but Aquarius will end up telling him the truth in front, something that will hurt him. Pisces will try to fix things, but they will never be as close as before.