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People Who Have These 4 Traits, Are Among The Rarest People In The World

People Who Have These 4 Traits, Are Among The Rarest People In The World

You often feel unique, different from your colleague in the office, your brother or your sister, you have a way of seeing things differently, your gesture distinguishes you from your interlocutors ... So rest assured! You are in the circle of people that we seldom coincide in our lives!

People Who Have These 4 Traits

The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung developed through his psychoanalyst theories, a system that allows the distinction between the personality traits shared by less than 2% of the world population.

In this article we discuss the INFJ people, from the acronym "Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, Judgment", often distinguished by their introverted character, and their beliefs in morals and principles.

We will help you, through the 10 character strokes below to find you, and see if you belong to this type of group.

1. They focus on the most important things
People with an INFJ personality always focus on what matters most to them and face challenges in the easiest and most confident way. In case of unforeseen events, they have the ability to find new solutions and loopholes to achieve their goals.

2. Hardworking people
If you are thorough in your work and you invest in every task, know that you are most likely an INFJ. This type of person does not hesitate to give 100% to achieve excellence.

3. They have a strong intuition
You have probably noticed that "I" in INFJ means "intuition". These people are characterized by their strong intuition.
In case they feel that something bad could happen, they then face all the unexpected. In addition, they have this strong ability to feel if something will happen to them in their life.

4. They are little surrounded
These people choose their close friends carefully. They are often alone because they enjoy their loneliness, and do not like to stay in large groups.

5. They are empathic
For them, everything is played around feelings. Whenever someone needs help, they will be there to give him a hand. They enjoy this ability to put themselves in the other person's shoes and understand their feelings. Feeling the feelings of others and helping them is what they often need to recharge their batteries.

6. They easily decrypt people
Being empathic means having the ability to read people's thoughts through their emotions. INFJ know very well when someone is lying. This feature helps them stay safe when surrounded by bad people.

7. They are visionaries
Solitary by nature, these people let their minds wander. As a result, they are always swimming in crazy and creative ideas and extravagant fantasies.

8. They are inspiring
The visionary, idealistic and creative character inspires them to inspire everyone around them, especially those closest to them.

9. They love writing
Expressing their thoughts and expressing their creativity is the driving force of these people. But, as we mentioned, they prefer to be alone, so they choose writing as a means of expression. Thus, when they write what they think and feel, they feel much calmer and serene.

10. They are perfect for solving problems
INFJs have the gift of solving problems through their ability to see situations as a whole. Thus, this "power" helps them detect what is wrong and find a way to fix it.

If you have at least 4 traits mentioned above, you are definitely one of those rare people named INFJ!