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I Removed This From My Mouth And Finally Find A Good Breath

I Removed This From My Mouth And Finally Find A Good Breath

Bad breath is a common condition that affects many people around the world. Illustrated by excessive proliferation of bacteria in the mouth and tongue, certain foods, substances (tobacco, alcohol, drugs) and pathologies are involved. However, there is a cause of bad breath that is very little known: the caseum!

Appearing in the tonsils, the caseum is a substance that is characterized by an accumulation of bacteria, mucus, dead skin cells and / or food residues in the tonsils. These are whitish stones with a squamous texture. The main symptoms of the caseum are bad breath, difficulty swallowing, throat irritation and a feeling of choking or breathing problems.

I Removed This From My Mouth And Finally Find A Good Breath

The caseum usually affects people with chronic inflammation of the tonsils or tonsils too large. In addition, poor oral hygiene can be the cause of the appearance of the caseum. Thus, prevention is mainly based on the maintenance of oral hygiene. The treatment, meanwhile, often goes through a tonsillectomy. This is the surgical removal of the tonsils. However, this operation does not guarantee the complete elimination of the caseum and there are risks associated with this practice, including hemorrhages, hence the reduction of this practice. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for more natural ways to remove the caseum, using dental syringes irrigation or water jet, for example.

However, we do not all have this type of equipment. So, to help you, here is an effective technique to manually remove the caseum.

How to remove the caseum?

Using a clean cotton swab or a smooth, clean and sterilized tip (in the video below this is the tip of a makeup brush), lightly press the amygdala so to bring out the casemum balls. Then remove the caseum. Repeat the process as many times as necessary to remove as much caseum as possible.

For this technique, it is necessary to know how to control the nausea reflex, that is to say, succeed in keeping the mouth wide open without the desire to vomit. The gag reflex is activated when there is an intra-oral stimulation that is interpreted by the brain as an obstruction of the airways and digestive tract. 

Note that stress increases this reflex. There are some tricks that can help you avoid the nauseating reflex when removing the caseum, such as squeezing your thumb, pressing an acupuncture point on your wrist (it is about three fingers apart). above the palm of the hand) or put salt on his tongue.

In addition, to prevent the case from reappearing, be sure to meticulously maintain your oral hygiene by brushing your teeth properly after each meal, using dental floss and mouthwashes from time to time. Similarly, a healthy and balanced diet, taking probiotics (to maintain the oral flora) and good hydration promote good oral health.