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3 Signs That A Man Is Really In Love With You

3 Signs That A Man Is Really In Love With You

What is love ? Can we really define it? The answer could not be categorical. For some it is this flame that illuminates our life, while for others, it is the essence. Sometimes we fall in love at the first glance, the first meeting. But is it really love? Here are some clear signs that will help you see more clearly!

Signs That A Man Is Really In Love With You

In this sense, a study from Syracuse University, states that it would take barely 1/5 seconds to fall in love.

Love, this eternal mystery!
Love is magic for both those who live it and those who watch it. It is a mystery that we will always have difficulty defining. Why ? Because this wonderful fusion that unites us with the other remains inexplicable, unspeakable. Indeed, as the psychoanalyst Patrick Lambouley explains, love is addressed to us as unknown. However, in most cases, certain stages take place during the love process, including:

1 - Love at first sight
In this first step, your heart is turned upside down, but your life too. It's your feelings that manipulate you and take hold of you. You are thrilled!

2- The idealization
What joy and what happiness! You are in total osmosis with your partner, you are fusional. This step offers insight into the infinite love you bring to each other.

3- Disillusionment
Also known as a disappointment phase, this step usually happens after 3 years. You are confronted with the reality of relationships, the defects of the other and its imperfections. You hesitate to go ahead, take a break or break.

4- Adaptation
This stage occurs when, as a couple, we manage to overcome our disappointments and finally come to realize that arguments and conflicts are indispensable tools in the couple's communication.

However, at the beginning of a story, it is difficult to visualize these steps and to get rid of them to take a step back, to reason about the feelings of the other. Indeed, we always want to know what the other feels. So to help you see more clearly, here are three infallible signs that prove he is in love with you!

3 signs to be certain that he loves you

It is true that women have a sixth sense, their intuition is almost never lacking. However, it is very difficult to interfere in a man's thoughts.

You meet him, you cling to him, but how do you make sure he feels the same and that it is not a passing attraction for him? One question only haunts your mind: does it really love me? Indeed, it is normal to expect similar and reciprocal feelings. But how to have the answer to this question? Thanks to these three signs that do not deceive:

1. He never hesitates to make efforts for you

Ladies, always remember that a man who really cares about you will not hesitate to make efforts. Make sure that he is not afraid to fight to win your affection and that he is ready to face everything to keep you at his side. A man who cares for you will support you and help you in the happy and sad moments of your life.

2. He respects his promises and commitments

A promise has value only if it is kept. A man who respects his commitments and keeps his promises is a responsible man. If he promises to pick you up at work, he will never let you down on the pretext that he has forgotten.

3. He plans his future with you

His future, he only sees it with you. He always has plans in common with you such as marriage or having a child. In addition, he shares with you his ambitions, challenges and goals. He is excited to spend the rest of his life with you and he keeps telling you.