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10 Signs That Prove She's Not Interested In You And You Need To Move On

10 Signs That Prove She's Not Interested In You And You Need To Move On

Love is the most beautiful feeling we can feel. To love and to be loved is an extraordinary experience. But sometimes, we fall in love with someone but this love is not shared. In this case, it is an overwhelming feeling of rejection that comes to us when we begin to realize that the woman of our dreams does not feel the same as us. So instead of taking the path of denial, here are 10 signs that show she is not interested.

10 Signs That Prove She's Not Interested In You And You Need To Move On

1. She never seems to take the time for you
It's always up to you to adapt to your schedule. But she's never really going to make a real effort to make you a place in her life. At first, it could well be. But if this behavior lasts too long, then you know that it does not matter to you.

2. She is never ready to compromise
She never wants to find a solution halfway. She is only concerned about her own happiness and well-being. But when it comes to your feelings, she does not pay attention. She is not really invested in what you feel.

3. She avoids physical contact
A key sign of a healthy, loving relationship is constant contact: putting hands on each other's legs, holding hands or even happily banging each other. If the woman you love does not do anything of that, and if her body language is stiff and inaccessible, then she probably shows you indirectly that she is not interested in you.

4. She is bored and embarrassed every time you spend time together
It's as if your mere presence was a burden to her. She is constantly irritable, and she gets angry too easily. It's almost like she finds reasons to hate you and be angry at you.

5. Her answers to your messages are terse and succinct
If you have received your 11th "Ok", "yes" or "no" in a row, it is clear that she is not interested. If she were, the opposite would happen: she would constantly update you on details about her day or unnecessary gossip that barely concern you. So if she always answers you with the shortest possible answers, that's not a good sign.

6. She always seems stuck to her phone when you're together
She is more interested in social networks than anything you might have to tell her. She is not invested to learn to know you at all. Your company can even be boring for her.

7. She deliberately avoids being seen in public with you
She just does not want to give the impression that you are really a couple. She's strangely evasive of allowing you to meet someone around her, she's probably not as committed to the relationship as you are. Presenting a partner to friends and family is one of the strongest signs of commitment, and if she does not, it probably means she does not see you as part of her future.

8. She speaks without caring
She does not really care about the negative effects that her words may have on you. She can talk to you disrespectfully or ironically without having to calculate what her words may have as consequences. It is a sign that she feels nothing for you and that you are deluding yourself.

9. She never presents excuses
She never feels the obligation to apologize. It does not matter, even if you end up hurting because of her actions. She will continue to do things as she sees them, no matter how you feel about them.

10. She lets you know indirectly that she is not interested
Sometimes it is difficult for women to be direct with men and saying a simple "no" can be difficult. So, if she says something like, "I'm not really interested in seeing someone right now" or "I'm very busy with work, which does not give me enough time to go out together," she tells you nicely and indirectly that she is not interested in a relationship with you.

There is nothing worse than really loving someone who does not feel the same way for you. So if you think that's what's happening in your situation, be brave, move on and move on.