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Women Who Stay Single For A Long Time End Up Being The Happiest!

Women Who Stay Single For A Long Time End Up Being The Happiest!

Maybe they have had a few meetings since their ex left them, but nothing very serious to report. Maybe they decided to take a romantic break for their own good or they are alone despite the fact that they wanted to be with someone. Be that as it may, women who go through a long time without engaging in a relationship end up being the happiest. Here's why !

Women Who Stay Single For A Long Time End Up Being The Happiest!

They end up being the happiest, because they have learned to be comfortable with their loneliness. They are able to spend a night alone and sleep deeply. They can go shopping and look for food without feeling embarrassed to have no one to share their experience. They embrace loneliness.

Self esteem
They have the time to focus on themselves, to act selfishly, to understand what really matters to them and it makes them happier. They stay in touch with their friends instead of moving away from them. They pursue their dreams instead of letting them escape. They are go-getters, dedicated and passionate. And no man is able to divert them from their goals. <

They end up being the happiest because they have cultivated their independence. They have enough money to pay their rent and enough knowledge to take care of their own well-being. They are improvisers, intelligent women with the means to lead fulfilling lives.

They realize that love is not meant to be the center of the universe. This is not supposed to be the only thing they have in mind, their reason for waking up in the morning and going out at night. Instead of chasing men, they pursue their hopes and dreams. They work for the future that they think they deserve.

Women who stay single for long periods do not have a problem with being single because they get used to living that way. The idea of never getting married does not really bother them. They agree with the idea of living alone. They welcome silence and are strong enough not only to handle it, but also to enjoy it.

And once in a relationship?
If these women end up finding someone who suits them, it will probably be a man who pushes them forward and allows them to move forward. A man who encourages them to continue to fight, not to give up and who constantly supports them. It will be someone who is happy that they have their own life, their own projects and never sacrifice these things out of love. These women will never lose their sense of individuality, they will never let their hopes, dreams or values wobble to match the person they met. 

They only go to someone who will make them feel even stronger than they already were. Someone who makes them even happier, even if they were already happy before being in a relationship.

The lesson to be learned
This is not an invitation for women to stay single to be happy but rather a way to remind you that you do not have to depend on a relationship or person to be happy, responsible, independent and strong!