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Next Time Before Taking Ibuprofen, Try Turmeric

Next Time Before Taking Ibuprofen, Try Turmeric

Who among us has never had a sleepless night because of a migraine or an unbearable and intense tooth rage? These unpleasant pains can arise at any time, and sometimes nothing seems to be able to alleviate them. Today we deliver the solution!

The first thing we think about when we feel pain is to throw ourselves on our medicine boxes, which sometimes can do us more harm than good! We often forget that there are cheap natural remedies that can cure our ailments and spare us the harmful effects of ibuprofen or other medications.


Today we are going to talk about turmeric, the magic spice everyone knows. And yet, many people are unaware that beyond the taste it brings to our dishes, this spice has innumerable virtues on our health, and can be the solution to several diseases.

Since the dawn of time, turmeric is known for its many beneficial properties for health. This spice has been used to treat many types of ailments, ranging from minor health problems, to the most rebellious diseases.

This spice, also called "Saffron of India" has a special composition, which puts it at the top of the most used spices in medicine. Its main constituents are: Curcumin and starch.

Turmeric to calm the pain:

The benefits of turmeric could be touted for hours and hours, but the topic of interest today is: How does turmeric help to alleviate pain?

As explained above, curcumin is the main component of turmeric. The latter has a similar action to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Indeed, curcumin will act as an inhibitor of COX - 2, an enzyme that causes inflammation, and is responsible for much of the pain we feel.

Why is it better to use turmeric to relieve pain?

Just read the leaflet of your nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to find out about any side effects they may cause. These drugs can cause digestive problems, heart problems, but also kidney failure.

Why not go to Mother Nature and enjoy all the benefits of turmeric without taking risks?

How to use turmeric?

How can I use turmeric to relieve my pain would you say to me? Several methods of preparation are possible.

Turmeric Infusion: Take a teaspoon of turmeric powder, a cup of water, and honey according to your taste.

Boil the water for a few minutes. Then add the turmeric and boil for 10 to 15 minutes. Finally, remove the preparation from the fire, add honey, and drink your herbal tea!

Turmeric Milk: Take a cup of warm vegetable milk, add a teaspoon of turmeric, and honey according to taste. You can choose any vegetable milk to prepare your drink (almond milk, coconut milk ...)

You can even add turmeric to your usual herbal tea.

Coupled with black pepper, turmeric is absorbed more easily by your stomach, so do not hesitate to add a pinch of pepper to the drinks above to increase its effectiveness.

Warning: If the pain persists, and you do not know what triggers it, we advise you to consult your doctor, who can make a complete diagnosis to limit the causes of the latter.

It should also be noted, that you should consume turmeric in moderation, because any abuse could cause adverse effects on your health.

As a safety measure, pregnant women should avoid the use of turmeric.