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This Is How A Woman Is In Love After The Age Of 40

This Is How A Woman Is In Love After The Age Of 40

At 40, a woman reaches the maturity of her body and mind. The relationship she has with her mind takes a turning point of openness and discovery of her true self. Challenges, new reflections on his life take over. She is at a turning point in her life when many things must be re-established and changed, where her notion of love must be revised and corrected; experience of life obliges.

How A Woman Is In Love After The Age Of 40

At this age, the woman feels the need to return to the source of her soul in order to discover her true nature, to discover her true weaknesses and strengths, to make peace with her inner suffering and to welcome her painful memories to make room for present more promising; it is the development of his emotional identity.

At 40, she is in search of her identity

The cycles that precede its maturity are essential for its construction. This allows him to make the decision to give up suffering, lies and submission. At 40 years, after all this path, nothing can stop him in his quest for his own truth, his own happiness. It makes a clean sweep of the ego and the illusion of life.
From there, the process of healing begins. She finds herself and discovers in her a woman she has never suspected existed. Certainly, this path was strewn with thorns and hard but oh so liberating! She finds her way, the path that guides her to her true nature.

At 40, she discovers true love

She discovers the miracle of love; based on respect and dignity; love of self. A mature love, nourished by good and bad experiences, by pain and suffering but also by moments of joy and happiness. These emotions nourish and shape his heart at the same time. She understands that the 20-year-old ego who has the upper hand no longer needs to be 40; she is aware of it. She knows what she wants and does not want anymore. She knows the value of true love and desire and will be more honored by the love her man will show. She is reconstructed in listening to her body and that of her man, in benevolence and understanding. 

She seeks harmony, her criteria are more realistic. She knows that true love goes beyond the time of seduction and the honeymoon, because there is the reality of life that catches up and there are other factors to take into account for to succeed in your life as a couple. At age 40, a woman likes something different, using her wisdom, intuition, instinct, and creativity. His love becomes unique, full of compassion and kindness.

At 40, the suffering of the transition is mandatory

At 40, she finds refuge in her in peace and serenity, not to flee life but to face it. A process of individualization certainly, painful but necessary. A questioning process about its identity value and its role in this world.

This painful process gives this woman the feeling of losing part of her skin, as if she has been torn off by force to which she has attached herself firmly, but she knows that it is to reinforce her emotional healing. She only wins with great determination and self-esteem.

At 40, she understood her emotions

She uses them to go around her soul and spreads them for the good of everyone she intends to love. She understands that love for others must come through her love for her. All these wonderful experiences and changes have transformed his vision of love.