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Since I Use This Natural Trick, I Do Not Have Any Insects At Home

Since I Use This Natural Trick, I Do Not Have Any Insects At Home

Summer is the time of year when spiders and insects of all kinds become regular guests in our homes. However, we can all ensure that they can not invite themselves in this way, knowing that their elimination can sometimes be very tedious or expensive.

Since I Use This Natural Trick, I Do Not Have Any Insects At Home

Why are insects more numerous and more threatening in summer than in winter?

During the summer, the heat and the humidity push many insects to become more active, knowing that all do not sting the humans or the animals, there are some who are content to pollinate the nectar of the flowers. During the winter season, these creatures hibernate, which means they suspend all activity, including food. The cold places their organism in a state similar to that of paralysis, so that they do not move until summer, when the majority of tasks concentrate on ensuring their survival and the prosperity of their species.

Natural and economic alternatives

But do not worry, because we have the perfect solution for this problem. If you've recently noticed an invasion of spiders or other annoying insects at home, relax and learn more about the best natural ways to eliminate them for good.

You should not buy expensive, inefficient and harmful chemicals, since you can keep spiders away using natural and common methods. The following options that we recommend are therefore completely natural ways to get rid of spiders and other insects.

Peppermint oil
Peppermint oil can be very helpful against this problem. In addition to keeping spiders away, it will also leave a pleasant smell inside your home. Simply pour peppermint essential oil diluted in water into a clean, dry spray bottle. Carefully spray the area where you notice a spider's web or where you expect to see spiders appear, they do not support the scent of peppermint.

Citrus is the number one enemy of insects. So, rub the windowsills, skirting boards, walls and other places in your house where spiders might appear, with citrus peels like lime, lemon or orange.

The vinegar
Vinegar can be very effective in dealing with this problem. Take a clean, dry spray and pour vinegar into it. Spray the liquid on areas that serve as entry or passage for spiders or other insects and allow them to break into your home.

Cedar is a perfect choice if you want to get rid of spiders and insects. You can use it anytime. Just put in the kitchen, bedroom or living room and you will immediately notice the difference.

Keep your garden clean
Spiders and bed bugs usually hide in stacks of wood, between cut grass or in foliage in your garden. You should therefore take care of your garden and follow closely the work you do there to avoid attracting these small undesirable creatures.

Take care of the hygiene of your home

Without a doubt, the best way to get rid of them is to keep your house clean all the time. If you have a wet basement, then you should probably install a dehumidifier, because wet basements are the perfect place for spiders and insects.