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10 Signs That Your Kidneys Are Sick And You Need To Act Urgently

10 Signs That Your Kidneys Are Sick And You Need To Act Urgently

The kidneys are one of the most important organs of the human body. They are versatile, and help ensure the proper functioning of other body organs. Any dysfunction of these could lead to more or less serious diseases. In this article we list the 10 warning symptoms of kidney diseases.

Signs That Your Kidneys Are Sick And You Need To Act Urgently

In the last few weeks, you have not felt as before, you can not sleep, and you are tired even when you do not provide any effort. Wondering what may be going on in your body And if it was your kidneys that caused you all these evils? Find the answer in this article!

Here is a list of the 10 most common symptoms:

1 - You have trouble sleeping:
Insomnia is one of the most common symptoms in subjects with kidney dysfunction.

When your kidneys are not functioning properly, it means that the toxins in your body are not eliminated by the urine, so the level of toxins in your blood will rise, causing many problems including insomnia. In addition, sleep apnea can accelerate the decline of kidney function.

2 - General tiredness and migraines:
Among the main functions of the kidneys, we find the conversion of vitamin D, the latter helps strengthen the bones. The kidneys are also responsible for the production of a very important glycoprotein hormone in the production of red blood cells, erythropoietin.

When the kidneys function poorly, both functions are impaired, resulting in the onset of anemia, which is often responsible for the feeling of weakness and fatigue experienced by the majority of people with kidney disease.

3 - Skin problems:
If you feel itchy, and you notice that your skin is dry, and starts to shoot, you may be suffering from a kidney problem. Indeed, these skin problems are caused by the accumulation of waste that the body has difficulty evacuating.

4 - Bad breath and taste of metal in the mouth:
Many patients with kidney disease say they have noticed a change in their breath, and a feeling of bitter taste, or metallic in the mouth. This phenomenon is known as dysgeusia, an alteration of taste that can be caused by kidney dysfunction, and can lead to problems such as loss of appetite and weight.

5 - Respiratory problems:
Respiratory difficulty is one of the common symptoms of kidney disease, this lack of breath is caused by a build-up of water in the lungs, as well as anemia, which is also caused by kidney dysfunction.

6 - Edema of the extremities:
As you have already been told, the malfunction of the kidneys leads to water retention, caused by the accumulation of sodium and an inability to properly remove excess water, hence the swelling of parts of your body

7 - Back pain:
Like many other diseases, kidney dysfunction can cause severe pain in the back that can spread to the hips and legs. These pains are often accompanied by nausea and feeling of weakness etc.

8 - tired and puffy eyes:
Damage to the kidney filtration system can cause the secretion of a significant amount of protein through the urine. A thing that causes a protein deficiency, hence the swelling of the eyes.

9 - Hypertension:
Your blood circulation and your kidneys are closely linked, so if your kidneys do not filter out excess fluids, your blood vessels become damaged, leading to problems such as increased blood pressure.

10 - Change of the color or texture of the urine:
Finally, the color of the urine, the texture and the number of times you go to the bathroom can be very revealing elements on the health of your kidneys. A sudden change in these should take you to quickly consult your doctor.

These symptoms can reveal several types of kidney disease, however, it is essential to consult a doctor to know the nature of your illness, as well as the treatment to cure it.