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3 Simple Ways To Make Any Man Addicted To You

3 Simple Ways To Make Any Man Addicted To You

When we meet someone, we are charmed by his appearance and gradually, his personality touches us. We plan to make room for it in our lives. But at the same time, doubts arise as to the place the other is ready to make for us and if he needs our presence as much as we need his. Fortunately, 3 simple ways to make any man addicted. Discover them!

Simple Ways To Make Any Man Addicted To You

The whole complexity of a relationship lies in the fact that the other does not feel things the same way and that the feelings do not evolve in the same way. Thus, it is advisable to adopt a certain attitude, insofar as the intention of mutual love is sincere, when one feels that the other is not so addicted. To do this, here are 3 behaviors to have for a man to be completely enamored:

Mysterious, unpredictable and amazing

To prolong the flame in a relationship, it is necessary to maintain the mystery. So, without hiding things about yourself and your life, it is better to reveal your feelings over time because revealing everything can scare the other. In the same way, to maintain the desire by foreseeing unexpected activities, by organizing surprising and funny exits or by making a surprise to his partner from time to time makes it possible to improve the complicity and to preserve the first emotions of the relation. 

All this makes it possible to attract the other, to encourage him to come towards oneself and to avoid that he ran away in the face of revelations which he would have preferred to have in time, or after a few months or a few years. So, avoid discussing the topics of marriage, baby and home from the first date! Also note that mysterious women are usually independent, which is very popular with men.

Be optimistic and positive

In general, and even more so in a relationship, it does not bode well for being pessimistic and negative. In fact, as much for a man as for a woman, what we are looking for in the other is this way of enlightening our life, of making it more beautiful and beautifying it, of having a seamless support facing the most difficult events that await us individually and / or two. And, all that goes by positivism and optimism. 

Thus, it is important to adopt a cheerful attitude and to smile sincerely so that the other feels in good company and that he has even more desire to be at your side. Moreover, considering the hazards of life from a positive angle gives him real support because instead of seeing the glass half empty, he sees it half full. And, that goes for your relationship to the extent that he will consider it under the best auspices! Not to mention the fact that optimistic and positive people attract the sympathy and respect of many people in view of all the good waves and benefits they bring around it.

To be difficult to obtain

In the sentimental realm, there is nothing more boring than a person easy to obtain. Indeed, the whole challenge of a new love relationship lies in wanting the other and doing everything to have it. Without this hectic feeling, the other will get tired and will not take pleasure in conquering the coveted person. 

Thus, it is better to be desired by being slightly wild, a little stubborn and especially proud of its principles and values. Men love women who know what they want but who take their time to discover each other and to be discovered. So, ladies, be difficult to obtain and take advantage of this moment to define together the expected criteria in a relationship (respect, fidelity, communication, complicity, frankness).