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Here Are The Three Types Of Great Love That You Will Live In Your Life

Here Are The Three Types Of Great Love That You Will Live In Your Life

An ancient myth reveals that we really fall in love three times in our life. Although loving feelings or the way of loving someone differ from personality to personality, we would need these three typical loves to evolve in our personal journey. Here are the 3 types of great love you could live in your life:

3 Types Of Great Love That You Will Live In Your Life

The perfect love

The perfect love, the one we only live in fairy tales, that we have always imagined, modeled on our education or the deepest desires, without gaps or defects can prove to be a real disillusion ... Between theory and practice, we may have to face a huge gap. This perfect love that we had always imagined can turn into a real mirage drawn by our desires to fill gaps or by the endless quest of the ideal partner. This love is surely the most beautiful to imagine but at the same time and inevitably, the hardest to achieve. Do you just say that perfect love is precisely that which belongs to the imperfect and which is anything but programmed or imagined.

Passionate love

Torrid, transcendent, even destructive in some cases, passionate love can take you to the hollow of violent waves whose outcome is often fatal emotionally for our thirsty thrills! Considered by some psychiatrists, as a disease of the soul, those who have already lived have fed on it until exhaustion. A man and a woman living a passionate love are completely buried emotionally by their mutual attraction beyond all reason. 

This type of love can last between six months and two years, then the first fruits of reality are installed in the consciences ... Nothing else corresponds to the ideals of the other and vice versa. This emotional state that arouses passion remained in the state of object, becomes almost indispensable to live in the eyes of our lured. Yes, unfortunately the passion never lasts as long as one would like. The effects of hormones secreted at the beginning of a love lived with passion can quickly stop ...

Love at first sight

Trembling, flailing legs, belly ball, palpitations ... Here are the typical symptoms of love at first sight! And of course bonus when it happens to us, we do not expect .... A bond of indescribable love and so strong is knotted instantly, that sometimes comes to wonder what fly we stung or what potion could be simmered against our will! Nothing matters to us except to satisfy this sudden bliss. The other that we really believe to recognize as

that my sister becomes an incessant obsession. In the context of a thunderbolt, all the barriers fall quickly contrary to the types of relations that can be formed between a man and a woman who for their part, will prefer caution at first sight. Love at first sight can last forever, but most of those who live it so lightly, can see the fire of this love go out as quickly as it is lit and see the dream of having found his soul mate go up in smoke.

Whether you have lived a perfect love, passion or love at first sight, know that it will have made you grow while knowing that to love the other or to give oneself entirely to him, it is sometimes to forget that the idea that we make the ideal partner can move away from our own principles. In any case, love can serve as a real driver of personal evolution.