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She Throws Aspirin In Her Washing Machine. Today Her Trick Is Around Social Media

She Throws Aspirin In Her Washing Machine. Today Her Trick Is Around Social Media

The white color brings radiance and freshness to the wearer. Unfortunately over the years, white clothes can change color completely, and become yellow or greyish. And if the solution was in your medicine cabinet?

There is not a single detergent in the world that does not claim to have the power to make your clothes white and bright. Yet you've tried them all, but the results are far from what you see in the ads. Here is finally the foolproof solution that will save your white linen.

Throws Aspirin Washing Machine

Nothing detracts from your appearance more than dull, wrinkled or messy clothes. Today, we present you with a miracle trick that will make your laundry whiter than ever.

Why does the white linen become yellow or greyish?

There are several reasons to make your clothes dull. Here they are :

The use of a large amount of detergent: It is not especially by pouring two liters of detergent into your washing machine that your clothes will become white. On the contrary! The use of a large amount of detergent will leave residues that will give this dull and creased look to your clothes.

- Poor quality detergents: Some detergents do not contain enough cleaning agents, and may contain chemicals that negatively impact the quality of your laundry.

- The mixture of white linen with other colors: Colored clothes may fade and change the color of your white linen. Always be sure to wash them separately.

- Moisture and dust: White clothes should not be stored in damp, dusty or dark places. Your cupboards must be constantly ventilated.

- Wear: Some poor quality fabrics tend to wear out over time. Always check the quality of the fabric before buying your clothes.

- Frequent washing: Repeated washing tarnishes clothes and gives them a worn and old appearance. Avoid washing your clothes too much.

- High temperature drying: High temperature drying creases your clothes and removes their shine. Prefer drying on drying clothes, This will prevent you from attacking your clothes.

- Ironing at very high temperature: If your iron to pass is too hot, it may cause yellow stains. Try adjusting it to a medium temperature to keep your clothes in good condition.

-The sun: In addition to wreaking havoc on your skin, prolonged exposure to the sun has a negative impact on your white clothes.

How to revive your white linen, and make it like new?

In order to get rid of yellow stains on your clothes, and make them shiny, you will need two ingredients: water and aspirin.

- Fill a basin with hot water.

- Put 3 aspirin tablets into the water.

- Wait for the aspirin to dissolve, then put your laundry in the basin.

- Leave your laundry in the water for a whole night.

- The next day, put your laundry in the washing machine, and add a few aspirin tablets.

- Let your clothes dry on a drying rack.

- Store your laundry in a dry and ventilated place.

How does aspirin work to make your clothes whiter?

Now that you have the recipe, you probably have questions about how aspirin tablets work to whiten your laundry. Here is the answer :

Indeed, the main substance of aspirin is: acetylsalicylic acid. The latter has detergent properties that allow it to remove stains, while giving a smooth appearance to your clothes.

In addition to being economical, and simple, this tip is especially ecological, and allows you to help preserve the environment, while taking care of your clothes.