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A Veterinarian Alert Against A New Infection That Is Spreading In Dogs And Humans

A Veterinarian Alert Against A New Infection That Is Spreading In Dogs And Humans

Infections are a condition that almost all living things experience at one time or another. But some are peculiar, because they are created by an interaction with another creature who takes the opportunity to take the role of parasite and enjoy the body of its host either to feed, to procreate or to lay eggs .

A Veterinarian Alert Against A New Infection That Is Spreading In Dogs And Humans

An alarming video that went around the internet

A recently circulating viral clip providing a terrifying glimpse of an infection that causes a lot of pain and discomfort in dogs and humans. The video shows a veterinarian treating a dog who was hit by an unusual infection, because following the latter dozens of maggots have holes in his skin and have sheltered underneath. This shocking video has since been shared hundreds of thousands of times and the fact that the dog's skin is shaved has made its content more explicit and raw.

Spectators therefore have a clear view of the dog's shaved skin while the maggots are expelled by the veterinarian. While the animal seemed happy to have been rid of it, a number of questions were raised. The video was also filmed in The Gambia, Africa. The maggots in question are in fact the by-product of an infection known as myiasis and, even if it lasts only three to five days, it does not give the slightest respite to those who suffer from it and deprive them totally of their tranquility.

What is cutaneous myiasis?

This infection is a parasitic dermatosis caused by parasitic flies, in this case it is the flies of mango. It is a process called "myiasis" in which these flies lay larvae in the skin of the living being in question, which may even be accidentally ingested. This type of infection is very commonly contracted in specific parts of Africa and South America. The appearance of the larvae is similar to that of small worms because of their white color and elongated shape.

The skin thus serves as an incubator and sub-Saharan dogs are particularly sensitive to such a phenomenon. Once the larvae have made their way into their victim's skin, a veterinarian must intervene quickly to remove them. So what can be done to prevent this infection from occurring in the future?

What to do to protect yourself and get rid of it

For starters, pet owners must be fully aware of their pet's hygiene at all times. Do you have a dog that likes to roll in bushes or dirt? If so, then you need to check your skin for any signs of infestation and staying proactive is definitely in your interest.

The best technique to get rid of these infestations once they have occurred is to burst them in the same way as you would for a pimple. If you live in an area where this particular species of flies is found, it is very important that pet owners remain vigilant. They could just as easily be exposed if they do not pay enough attention.

To guard against this infection, it is recommended to avoid places where the flies proliferate like the areas polluted by the excrement and not to extend on the ground in the countries where the myiasis rages the most like the countries of Africa intertropical and those of southern America.

In order to have a more concrete view of what such an infection represents, we invite you to watch the following video for you to see how much this problem may be before it's too late.