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This Is Why Left-handed People Are Extraordinary People

This Is Why Left-handed People Are Extraordinary People

Left-handed people represent only 10 to 15 percent of the world's population. Between reality or popular myth, left-handers would be distinguished from right-handers by certain differences or predispositions of which right-handers would not be endowed whereas, until recently, left-handers were considered to be defective because they did not know not to use the right hand in a world where everything is thought for right-handers. Real differences or popular legends, discover the 10 particularities of left-handers:

Why Left-handed People Are Extraordinary People

1. They are more creative
Psychologist Chris McManus of University College London, in his book Right-Hand, Left-Hand, pointed out that the right hemisphere of left-handed brains is more developed, which would directly affect creativity. They even have the ability to solve a single problem in many ways.

2. They are better at sport
The fact that left-handers do far better than right-handers in sport has been proven by an Australian scientific study conducted in 2006 and published in the journal Neuropsychology. Left-handed people found that the connections between the brain's hemispheres were faster than those of the right-handed ones. This helps them process the information faster. This cognitive asset allows them to act faster in areas such as sports.

3. They can more easily experience fear
Unlike right-handed people, left-handed emotions translate into greater activity in the right hemisphere, unlike right-handed people. Without or with little activity in the left hemisphere, they find it more difficult to manage their anxiety.

4. They are more willing to suffer from mental disorders
Being left-handed would accentuate mental disorders. Many neuroscientists believe that this could be related to the concept of cerebral asymmetry, which in fact refers to the unequal involvement of the two hemispheres of the brain in different mental functions.

5. They are better at fighting
In the same way as for sport, left-handers have more facility to fight because of their fine analysis of the method of fight of the right-handers who conversely are not as endowed with this sense of the analysis.

6. Health
Not so long ago, it was thought that left-handers were more likely to fall ill than right-handers when this is not really the case. On the other hand, they are more likely to contract Crohn's disease or stomach diseases.

7. Left-handed and right-handed twins
Left-handers are more likely to reproduce twin-mirror twins where one left-handed and the other right-handed, but this would be more likely to be monozygotic twins than one parent being left-handed.

8. They are more reserved than the right-handed ones
Not always using the same hemisphere as right-handers to process information or manage their emotions, left-handed people would be much more emotionally sensitive than right-handers and would therefore be more prone to some reserve.

9. Alcoholism
Left-handed people are likely to drink more alcohol than right-handed men. They would indeed have more difficulty in moderating their consumption and the risk of sinking into alcoholism for the former would be significantly increased.

10. International Day of Left-Handers
Established in 1976, August 13 is the international day of left-handers. It aims to raise awareness of leftist rights and to fight against all forms of discrimination or stigmatization.