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You Have To Keep Your Mouth Shut On These 6 Things

You Have To Keep Your Mouth Shut On These 6 Things

Whatever the moment of our life, it is essential for us to be able to entrust certain things to trustworthy relatives with objective points of view on our current situation.

Moreover, it allows us to exteriorize what needs to be and to confront different perceptions that help us make decisions in the biggest turning points of our lives. However, the qualities required to listen to and help others in our immediate surroundings are not so common as one might think and sometimes it is wiser to keep certain aspects of one's intimacy for oneself. Discover the 6 things you should keep for yourself.

You Have To Keep Your Mouth Shut On These 6 Things

Entrusting friends or family with personal or professional ambitions may not be a good idea. Indeed, when it comes to goals that we have set ourselves, they are all our own according to the way we have been able to forge ourselves. Our personal and professional experiences have intimated a perception or vision that does not necessarily correspond to those of our loved ones. If you wait for advice or ways of doing things from them, you risk not making the right decisions for yourself and confronting yourself with the consequences of decisions they have made for themselves.

Intimate life
Our family and friends, whom we visit regularly, have an overall vision of our personal life. However, except for painful events such as death, separation or any other unfortunate episode of our life, it is essential to preserve our privacy and at the same time our loved ones that we can much too much sensitize our moods and at the same time to our malaise, as transient as it is.

Family problems
When you have family problems, again, it is better to keep them for yourself and not to disclose details. Everyone has their own family and the temporary problems or problems that are peculiar to them. You can very well find your bearings and a certain well-being in your friendly life but without necessarily impacting the intimacy of your family life.

Good actions
The world needs all our selflessness so that we can help others and fight injustice. It is therefore logical that we do our best in this regard. To show charity and benevolence requires little effort, and even if it were, the end result is still worth it. On the other hand, entrusting systematically the practice of one's good actions, can be a bad idea and clearly pass for egocentrism and there is obviously a risk on the look that one carries to you.

Material goods
Another aspect of our private life that is relevant not to confide too much: the extent of our material goods. This can be a real indelicacy even if your basic intentions are not bad or are purely innocent. Again, you could end up with the label of the perfect or the perfect egocentric.

Ditto with regard to your income, subject matter quite difficult. Money is one of the most enmity or conflict-creating factors in the world. Also, flaunting would be anything but wise. Indeed, you could even attract dating that would only fall in the realm of pure interest. Goodbye relational authenticity.

Sharing our life and times with our loved ones and friends is a necessary and essential thing for our personal evolution and to exchange views in a constructive way. But it is also important to know how to dose and discern what can be said or guarded for oneself in order to maintain intimacy and relationships as healthy as possible.