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Choose A Figure And We'll Show You How Your Mind Works

Choose A Figure And We'll Show You How Your Mind Works

The brain is an intriguing field of study, with infinite possibilities of discovery. Each of us has different behaviors and ways of being, all influenced by the way we think. These patterns of thought that we possess influence our overall lifestyle and our daily choices. These choices, in turn, can reveal information about our thinking process and provide some insight into how our brain works.

The mind works differently from one person to another. What can be attractive and peaceful for some, can be chaotic and stressful for others. Understanding how your own mind works will help you communicate better with those around you. Share this test with your friends, family and colleagues to see where you are. You may be surprised by the different results and how your relationships can improve!

Model 1: clear and simple


This first model is rather simple. It shows several different sides and its dimensions come together to form a clear design. If you chose this model, you are probably attracted by simplicity and distinction in life. Your mind is made for understanding, solving problems to find conclusions. You are skilled at simplifying even the most complex things in life by going to the root of things to find the cause.

Model 2: Detailed and insightful

This model is much more complex with many lines, corners and edges intimately linked and difficult to discern. If you chose this model, your mind is very focused on the details. You tend to delve into topics and problems to understand complex details before finding solutions. You are insightful and attentive.

Model 3: simple and bold

This model is extremely simple, made of a few lines that stand out boldly and distinctly. There is so little complexity that we can understand it very quickly. If you chose this model, your mind is simple and bold. You are open and honest in your thoughts and relationships. You find joy in the simple things of life.

Model 4: Mysterious and well rounded


This model seems complex and complicated, but it is a simple design with respect to geometric rules. It takes time to understand it because of overlapping layers, but it is beautiful at the same time. If you chose this model, you have the mind with many levels. Your personality and way of thinking can not be easily defined because of its complexities. You are beautifully mysterious and unpredictable, and are easily able to deal with the vagaries of life.

Model 5: Targeted and solution-oriented


This model is easy to follow regardless of its many lines and corners. There are no hidden sides or subtleties and this can be easily understood. If you chose this model, your mind is solution oriented. You have to solve problems rather than dwell on them. You are focused, efficient and easily able to find answers.

Model 6: Open and Extrovert

This model is a simple design with some unexpected edges and corners that form a different pattern. It is an outward oriented pattern. If you chose this model, you are open and extroverted. You tend to think from the point of view of others.

Model 7: Consciousness and Resolution


This model is very well designed. Each line emerges and returns to the central source. If you chose this picture, your mind tends to be more introverted. You like to live in the world of your thoughts and cherish self-awareness. Everything you do has a purpose, and your multidimensional personality emerges from your soul. In addition, your inner "self" is subtly and beautifully reflected on those around you.

Model 8: Creativity and Perfectionism


This model is a complex design that is pleasing to the eye. Although it has many layers, it is soothing to look at and easy to understand. If you choose this model, your mind is drawn to things of a complex beauty that not everyone can see. You have creative tendencies and you are always looking for perfection. You are able to emphasize and appreciate the good things in life.