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6 Drugs We Consume That Do More Harm Than Good

6 Drugs We Consume That Do More Harm Than Good

You can hardly believe it, but a medicine, even prescribed by a specialist, can hurt you. Some medicines have side effects for your health.

A lot of the drugs are double-edged for health: they can heal us but also cause other diseases. While some drugs are known to have adverse health effects, there are others that are not well known and may do more harm than good. Discover them in this article!

When one suffers from an illness, one does not think about anything, the most important thing for us is to get out of it, even if we forget that some drugs can have serious consequences on our health. In this article, we show you the list of the six most harmful medications for your health:

1 - Inhibitors of the proton pump:
PPIs, commonly known as PPIs, are groups of molecules that act on the proton pump to reduce the production of stomach acid in the stomach. In France, they are sold under names such as Esomeprazole or Omeprazole. What you should know is that prolonged consumption of PPIs can cause several side effects such as kidney disease or decreased calcium absorption.

2 - Prednisone:
Prednisone, part of the so-called synthetic corticosteroids, is used for its anti-inflammatory properties and helps treat many conditions such as asthma, allergic reactions and certain skin conditions. However, this medication may cause adverse effects such as weight gain, excessive sweating, sleep disturbances, increased blood sugar, and certain eye problems.

3 - Antidepressants:
Much better known for their side effects, antidepressants come in many forms, such as paroxetine, fluoxetine or sertraline, which stabilize mood by acting directly on the nervous system and the production of serotonin, a hormone playing a vital role in mood and well-being. These drugs, also called serotonin reuptake inhibitors, can cause several dysfunctions by affecting appetite, libido and sometimes even the digestive and renal system.

4 - Statins:
Statins are lipid lowering agents, they are used to treat excess cholesterol in hypercholesterolemic subjects, that is to say who suffer from a high cholesterol level. This drug has sparked a great debate in the world of health because of the side effects it can cause. These can range from muscle weakness to insomnia or diarrhea.

5 - Opioids:
Opioids are psychotropic drugs that act on the central and parasympathetic nervous system. Marketed under names such as Oxycontin or Codoliprane, they cause a state of drowsiness or intense excitation, nausea, vomiting, digestive disorders, slowing of breathing or habituation. Indeed, these drugs can be very addictive, and dangerous for health, especially if high doses are consumed.

6 - Alprazolam:
Oh, those benzodiazepines! These medications prescribed for severe or debilitating anxiety are very often misused by youth for recreational purposes, and present a danger of serious dependence. Alprazolam can cause several dysfunctions such as respiratory problems or amnesia.

If you consume any of these medications, we advise you to adopt a healthy lifestyle and to consult your doctor as soon as you notice the appearance of these undesirable effects. The latter can offer you other alternatives and accompany you to limit the harmful effects of these substances on your health. Also, be sure to follow the prescribed doses and follow the instructions of your doctor to avoid all kinds of complications.

Finally, as the old saying goes: "Prevention is better than cure". Take care of your health because it is what you have most precious. This means respecting the hours of sleep, regular physical activity and a varied and balanced diet, based on vegetables and organic fruits and less red meat. There are remedies based on natural ingredients to combat certain ailments as long as they are not chronic. Otherwise, medical monitoring is required.
6 Drugs That You Consume That Do More Harm Than Good