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7 Exercises To Tone Your Body In 4 Weeks

7 Exercises To Tone Your Body In 4 Weeks

Playing sports is the safest way to firm up your muscles and shape your body. However, a majority of people spend a lot of time in sports halls without achieving the desired goal, despite all the complex exercises they struggle to perform.

If you are in this category, you should target training exercises that will allow you to transform your figure and have a perfect body.

Also, we present to you, a circular fitness workout that can be performed at home at home and that requires no special equipment. Your only ability and will will be enough to make it happen.

The repetitions of these exercises and their durations were designed through a meticulous study, experimented by professional athletes and which is adopted today by many people around the world.

This training is spectacular in its efficiency but especially in the simple and easy composition of 7 exercises to perform that do not require any prior experience since they are suitable even for beginners.

It is a training that targets all the muscles of the body to strengthen and develop them and helps maintain a good cardiovascular system.

So you will be able to target the exercises that suit you best and choose their frequency for better efficiency.

With this training, you will bring your body to a perfect physical shape while staying at home, without constraint.

You will find pictorial and detailed instructions for each exercise. Follow them and run them correctly as suggested for better efficiency.

This exercise aims to strengthen the buttocks.

Stand with your legs slightly apart, your hands clasped and brought back to the chest. Flex your legs as to sit down and then return to the original position.

This exercise aims to firm the thighs and buttocks.

Still standing, legs slightly apart, hands on hips. Flex your right leg forward while keeping your left leg bent back. Return to the initial position and repeat the same exercise alternating legs.

The board
This exercise aims to firm the muscles of the belly, thighs and arms.

Lie on your stomach and tiptoe, leaning on your forearms. Hold this position as many minutes as you can. You can increase the duration of the installation gradually over the days.

This exercise aims to strengthen the muscles of the arms and belly.

Lie on your stomach and tiptoe, raise your bust with your arms, then go down without really touching the ground.

It is a set of movements to work all the muscles that remain intense.

It is an alternation and a sequence of movements between a squat, a push-up, a board, a pump, a new squat and a jump.

The Crunches
The purpose of this exercise is to firm the abdominals.

Lie on your back, with your hands behind your neck and raise your bust as if to sit while keeping your hands behind your head.

The clam shell
This exercise allows you to work the hips and inner muscles of the thighs.

Lie down on the left side, feet tied by an elastic cord at the legs. Spread your right leg, keeping your feet together, then bring it back to the other leg. Repeat the same operation on the other side.
7 Exercises To Tone Your Body In 4 Weeks