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8 Lessons Of Life That You Will Learn Only After Having Broken Your Heart

8 Lessons Of Life That You Will Learn Only After Having Broken Your Heart

How to live after a breakup? When the loved one leaves us and lets us face our distress and our suffering, we doubt everything; of our potential for seduction, of our capacity to love again and especially of our desire to escape unscathed, with a broken heart in a thousand pieces. But, what is certain, is that this bad experience gives us good lessons of life ....

One never escapes a heartbreak either during adolescence or adult life. When we are plagued by this suffering, we must realize that this is a difficult time to go through. We are often told in these cases, that time will arrange everything, that we will find someone better ... But in truth, with our heart broken and demolished we do not hear it that way. To recover from a heartbreak, some people may take days or weeks, others months, even years.

According to the psychologist Lisa Letessier, after a breakup in love, we must let emotions express themselves and not hold them back; we must mourn this separation. Whatever the duration, the person will come out stronger, and will make this experience a power that booster to a better future.
However, there are lessons to be learned from this break, here are 8 that you will never forget.

1. Your happiness depends only on you
After crying all the tears in your body, you must know that neither your friends nor your family can be of great help to you. To get out of it, you have to take charge and try to bounce because no one can do it for you. This is the first thing you need to be really aware of.

2. Ask for help if you need it
Whether for a breakup or a divorce, the grief is immense and often unfair. We are plagued by negative thoughts and it is important to welcome and accept them, but often it is very hard. It is normal and even advisable to seek help from your friend or a close family member. It is always nice to feel emotional support in these difficult moments of life.

3. Time heals everything
We often hear this phrase which we do not assimilate at the moment of our sorrow; yet it is the reality of life. We do not forget the person but with time we learn to live without it and to keep only memories sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter, but without suffering. This perilous journey will be easier when we accept this pain and we do not avoid it. Time takes care of putting a balm of peace on our heart to allow it to live again.

4. You learn to let go
Accepting the break is important but letting go is even more important and even necessary. To win in life, you have to know how to be a good loser. The same philosophy applies in love. By letting go, we win the peace of the heart.

5. You must love yourself before loving others
Grief and disappointment teach us to love ourselves first so that we can love someone else. To love oneself is to know how to appreciate oneself for what we are, it is to grant us moments of pleasure and care, it is to be attentive to our needs and our desires. It is to love our body and our mind; we will be more inclined to love others afterwards.

6. You learn to rise
The desire to stay often in bed is omnipresent. It is true that in the beginning, the suffering is intolerable, even unbearable, with the impression of never being able to live without this person. But at some point you have to know how to get up. Do it gently, you have to find a balance between getting up, take interest in other activities and find his solitude to mourn the remaining part of your grief.

7. You look at reality in the face
After a breakup and all the pain that ensues, you end up taking stock. Your mind and body bruised and blinded by grief, finally open to reveal the positive and negative points of all this bad experience. You must work on yourself to find explanations, why and how, the true reasons that led to this separation. This analysis will allow you to avoid the repetitive pattern of love disappointments, to understand what you really suffer, and what drives you to repeat often the same love stories, devastating.

8. You learn to be positive
We will see less your smile but you will gradually begin to appreciate the simple things of life and you will learn to see the good side, at least positive, of life. You will continue, certainly to think of the other but without being mutilated in pain. Your heart will be full of kindness and you will learn to forgive and admit the unacceptable. More importantly, your healing will be complete when you see this person again and you do not feel like it is part of your life again. At that moment, you will understand that you have not only turned the page but that you have in addition, changed all the BOOK.
8 Lessons Of Life That You Will Learn Only After Having Broken Your Heart