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9 Types Of Pain That Are Caused By Emotional Distress

9 Types Of Pain That Are Caused By Emotional Distress

Do you ever get sick without knowing why? You may have some symptoms but can not you explain them? Research shows that these symptoms may be directly related to psychosomatic illnesses and determine the state of mind in which you currently find yourself.

Body diseases do not always come from physical factors. Among the causes of the ills and diseases we suffer from, and which can be multiple, there is an important and often underestimated factor: the psychological factor. Our psyches and emotions such as sadness, anxiety or depression are the factors that can lead to so-called psychosomatic symptoms that can progress to illness.

The psychosomatic term comes from the Greek psycho meaning soul, spirit and soma which designates the body. Psychosomatic illnesses originate in our state of mind as is the case of the following 9 types of pain that are directly related to our emotions:

1. Neck pain
When you have neck pain, it can be related to tension, frustration, and anxiety. Likewise, it can come from a difficulty to forgive or to feel confident. So, to reduce these pains and negative feelings, try positive thinking. It's about seeing the positive, self-complimenting and fighting anxiety with positive thoughts.

2. A pain in the upper back
If you lack emotional support, you will inevitably feel pain in the upper back. Thus, you should turn to your loved ones and to positive people to feel surrounded and relieved of these pains.

3. A pain in the elbows
In the form of stiffness or joint pain, elbow pain is often synonymous with rigidity in the face of life events. You must learn to let go and not try to control everything.

4. A headache
Generally, headaches and migraines are distinguished by intense stress. These pains occur at the end of the day and affect the person's morale. It is therefore important to learn to relax and relax, especially at the end of the day.

5. Hand pain
If your hands are painful, it can be difficult to reach out to others and communicate. So, to put an end to this kind of pain and avoid isolation, try to be more open to the world around you and take the time to discuss with your entourage.

6. Shoulder pain
The pain in the shoulder is a burden that we carry. Thus, being constantly concerned about various problems can, in the long run, cause tiredness and pain in the shoulders. You must therefore free yourself from this weight by learning in particular, to take a step back from the vagaries of life.

7. Knee pain
Having knee pain and difficulty in bending shows that the body is struggling to support the weight of your ego. So be modest and humble, learn to put your pride aside and you will find relief.

8. Hip pain
Pain in the hip, which is the part of the body connecting the top and the bottom, illustrates fears and difficulties in moving forward in life. So, to avoid this kind of pain, try to overcome your fears by taming them and making them less terrifying.

9. A pain in the lower back
If you have financial worries or live in fear of having them, then you will suffer from lower back pain. Therefore, the best way to overcome these pains is to never be in need, saving and avoiding gambling.
Types Of Pain That Are Caused By Emotional Distress