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Here's Why Women Are Destroying Their Couple

Here's Why Women Are Destroying Their Couple

There is no manual for a perfect marriage, all couples go through problems, because it is sometimes difficult for two people to live together, under the same roof. On the other hand, there are many mistakes that women make without realizing it. These are common mistakes that we could all commit. In this article, we present tips for avoiding them.

What are the fundamental pillars of a life together?

Having a relationship is a commitment that can provide us with the best moments of our lives, but also our greatest suffering. Making the decision to share one's life with someone involves more than just love, because other basic pillars are needed for a successful relationship. Gradually, life gives us experiences that help us improve as a person, and also as a couple.

Being in love and having a stable relationship fills us with happiness, helps us to grow as a person and gives more meaning to our life. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the important pillars of a couple, in order to achieve a pleasant and respectful coexistence.

Communication: Communicating as a couple is one of the main ingredients for maintaining stability in the relationship and avoiding falling into problems. This communication must be harmonious and without fear of reproach from the spouse.

Similarly, there must also be a space for emotional communication, which plays a very important role in the relationship. Most of us have the false belief that talking about it is bad, without knowing that it may be one of the ways to give a spark of passion and insanity to the relationship, to reinforce it and to get out of the routine.

Mutual respect: When you respect yourself, you respect your partner. It is to understand that the other is not an extension of oneself, but another being, with its individualities, its faults, its virtues and its own feelings.

Trust: Trust also has a fundamental role in every type of relationship. This pillar strengthens the couple and makes everyone feel complementary to each other.

Important tips that all married women need to know:

Live with joy
It's almost impossible to smile all day and think only about positive things, however, you should try to do it at least when you are with your partner. Remember that no one would like to live with someone who is depressed all their life. Change your attitude, manage to identify and control your feelings and emotions, discover new and positive experiences.

Jealousy destroyed
Remember that all people must feel free and independent. Try to control your impulses, focus on increasing trust in your relationship, do not rely on assumptions and if you find signs of infidelity, it is best to talk to your partner.

Be available ... Yes, but not all the time!
Sometimes you stop socializing, just to devote yourself entirely to the responsibilities of the children, clean the house and satisfy the couple. It is important to change that attitude and give yourself time for yourself by doing activities that you like.

Constant criticism
It is necessary to accept that we all have different ways of doing things, constant criticism of how your partner dresses, sneezes, etc. hurts your relationship and creates a distance between you.

Silent and explosive anger ... Attention!
When you get angry and suppress those emotions, you risk exploding later. Worse, it will undoubtedly be at the least opportune moment, and you would say things that you may regret bitterly. So, if you want to save yourself these crisis situations, the next time your husband asks you, "what do you have?", Express your discomfort. You will avoid tons of frustration.

The past is the past !
The reason for your anger occurred during your second appointment, but years later, you remember it and use it as an argument when you argue with your partner. This attitude is to be banned if you wish to move forward.

Detective Women
You are always ready to launch a series of endless questions: "Where were you?", "With whom? "Why did not you call me? Even if you have the right to know where your husband was, there are limits not to be exceeded.

Try to make small problems happen. Ask yourself if it's worth fighting for this thing that irritates you so much. Is it something that is not right or does it just bother you because it's a different way of doing it? On the other hand, do not amplify the small inconveniences in big disturbances which can be much more difficult to solve.
Why Women Are Destroying Their Couple