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A Researcher From The University Of Besançon Advises Women To Wear The Br

A Researcher From The University Of Besançon Advises Women To Wear The Br

Over the years, many studies have been conducted on the disadvantages of using one of the most popular women's underwear: the bra.

We believe that for more than 100 years the women of the world wear the bra. The story goes back to 1910 when a woman named Mary Phelps, barely 19 years old, was tired of wearing her tight corset and for the first time she dared to adapt it. Phelps patented his idea on February 11, 1914 and never imagined that this garment would become a symbol of women for years.

However, "Instead of strengthening the muscles in this area and preventing skin tissue from losing collagen and its supporting power, using bras for years could promote flaccidity and drooping of the breast." This is stipulated in a study done by the University of Besançon, led by researcher Jean-Denis Rouillon.

That's why you should not wear a bra anymore.

Better breathing: It's no secret that bras disrupt breathing, with the pressure generated in the chest and back as more than half of women wear the wrong bra size. Indeed, a smaller size compresses the breasts and prevents breathing normally.

Best Rest: Wearing a night bra affects sleep and prevents you from relaxing, so do not wear it at least at night to feel relaxed and enjoy a restful sleep.

For a less painful premenstrual syndrome: When your menstrual cycle is about to begin, your body is more sensitive to pain especially the breasts. It is therefore best to avoid wearing a bra for at least this period.

No pain: No more suspenders that leave marks on the shoulders and end up hurting. Exit the frames cups that compress the breasts and hurt when you make the choice not to wear a bra.

Natural massage: The natural movement of the chest when walking, when you do not wear a bra, produces a massage that allows the lymph to circulate. When this natural movement does not take place, the lymph can not circulate normally, toxins accumulate and cysts and tumors can appear.

Prevents complete and natural development in girls: According to Dr. Rouillon, wearing this underwear prevents breasts from developing naturally. He argues that not wearing a bra for only a few months allows the breast to take up to 2 more because the breast muscles grow faster. You know what you have to do if you have a small chest!

Increased sweat
Wearing a bra all day long causes a considerable increase in breast temperature and causes excessive sweating, sometimes itching and allergies.

It is uncomfortable
Sleeping while wearing a bra can cause pressure on the chest, skin irritation and bedtime discomfort. It can even hinder your sleep and not allow you to have a restful sleep as mentioned above.

Breast cancer
The lymphatic system requires movement and some "freedom" to do its job and be able to eliminate toxins. The tight bras do not allow that.

In the book Dressed to Kill written by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer (1995), the researchers concluded that women who wear a bra for more than 12 hours a day are more likely to develop breast cancer than women who wear it less. The same researchers concluded that 90% of women with fibroids and simple cysts showed great improvement when they stopped wearing bras. Because of this, the link between breast, malignant and benign tumors and the use of the bra, even if it is not definitive, is enough for us to take it seriously.

Thus, always remember that your breasts, the size and shape they have, are perfect, beautiful and fulfill one of the most incredible functions of nature: feeding a living being. Respect them, love them and take good care of them.