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The Secret Of Asian Women To Keep A Young Face For A Long Time

The Secret Of Asian Women To Keep A Young Face For A Long Time

The Japanese are a well-known people not only for its great longevity and daily habits respectful of the human body, but also for the interest it has in maintaining a youthful appearance. The aesthetic side is therefore equally important for Japanese, especially for Japanese women. This should pique our curiosity and lead us to wonder how these women manage to keep a face as young despite the weight of years.

Science explains that in addition to all the upheavals and chemical reactions that take place inside our organism, the surface of the body, which is none other than the skin, is also exposed to the influence of many external factors such as pollution, sunlight or skin care products composed of a myriad of chemicals. This is more than enough reason to take the utmost care in order to avoid certain diseases and skin disorders such as blackheads, pore dilation or other particularly annoying and unsightly eruptions.

So know that there are natural alternatives to avoid exposing your skin to all these adverse effects while allowing you to maintain the most beautiful ways, this is where lies the secret of the long youth of women Japanese.

The rice mask recipe is what you need to keep your skin young and your face radiant and full of life

  • 3 tablespoons of rice
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 1 tablespoon of milk
  • A cup of water

Let's first look at the benefits of these ingredients

It is a staple food component in the Far East and rightly because it has a very high nutritional value and is good for the skin while preserving its youth and beauty. It allows to tone the skin and moisturize while nourishing deep thanks to the various minerals, vitamins such as vitamin B and antioxidants which it abounds. In addition, thanks to its exfoliating properties, it cleans the skin and deeply cleanses it by removing all the impurities and other dead cells that infiltrate the pores and cause them to dilate. It is also worth noting that the richness of rice inositol allows it to tone the skin by stimulating the microcirculation and regeneration of cells while promoting the production of collagen in the body. This gives a skin smoother than ever and a clean, smooth and even complexion.

This superfood first allows the retention of water molecules in the skin, which preserves its hydration over time and makes it flexible and elastic at the same time. As it is renowned for its antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and its richness in nutrients beneficial for the skin, honey is the best thing that could happen to the skin. Its antioxidant effects ensure that free radicals are eliminated and thus actively contribute to the prevention of the aging process. It also accelerates cellular regeneration, which helps lesions and different marks to heal or disappear very quickly. Honey is also effective when it comes to cleansing the skin and getting rid of all the impurities that accumulate there.

This liquid is particularly nourishing for the skin, it gives it a lot of nutrients that actively promote its hydration and which also have the effect of purifying it effectively. In addition to all this, it has astringent and whitening properties to give the skin a lighter complexion and eliminate brown spots that may appear. It also has the effect of tightening the enlarged pores and to prevent sagging of the skin by firming it.

Let's start with the rice you need to cook 3 tablespoons in a cup of water. Boil it before simmering for 3 minutes. Then remove the rice from the heat to let it cool and filter it right after. Keep the rice cooking water aside, preferably keep it in a glass container and then add the milk you have slightly heated and the honey to your rice. Then try to mix until you get a consistency similar to that of a paste.

Method of use:
Apply this mask while doing circular movements to stimulate blood microcirculation and remove any residue or dead skin, all on clean, dry skin. Then keep your mask for a quarter of an hour so that your skin can benefit. For maximum results, apply this mask 1 to 2 times a week.
The Secret Of Asian Women To Keep A Young Face For A Long Time