SEO 2019: 5 Proven Ways To Boost Your Search Engine Results Within One Month

Seo is the best way to get free and targeted traffic and therefore more profits. After reading this guide, you will be able to rank your w...

Seo is the best way to get free and targeted traffic and therefore more profits. After reading this guide, you will be able to rank your website higher in search engine results easily. Whether you're targeting Google or Bing, this comprehensive guide of SEO will improve your site's ranking.

What you will learn today about SEO may change your perspective about search engine marketing, so all the techniques shared in this guide have been tried in various niches and different languages of websites, which will increase your rankings on the first page of Google and other search engines. Although each search engine has unique algorithms that make it different from others, that's why we will focus primarily on Google because it still has the largest search engine market share worldwide.

Moreover, if you are a beginner and do not know anything about SEO, we recommend reading this guide and applying everything shared in it, so that you can master all the secret techniques used by experts in this field.

Before starting what is the SEO?
SEO is the optimization of a website according to search engine requirements, in order to get visibility within the first results in search engine results such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo but depends on many factors that must be available on your website. In fact, Google has never fully disclosed all these factors but by applying what we explain to you today you can reach the first result in the search results.

Artificial Intelligence and User Experience.
In 2017, Google affirmed that artificial intelligence, or "RankBrain", had become the third most important ranking factor. Not only that, with the beginning of 2018 many webmasters noticed that "RankBrain" has become one of the major factors in ranking pages of websites in the Google search engine.

Well, what exactly is "RankBrain" and how to optimize your website for Google search results?
RankBrain is an automated system Google’s core algorithm that determines the most relevant results to search engine queries. This system is based on several factors, including visitors bounce rate and CTR.

The task of this system is to analyze and measure how users interact with search results queries ... and therefore organize site pages based on the interaction of the user with specific search queries...

Let us make a practical example to understand "RankBrain" in detail.

Let's say that a user searched the keyword "Amazon Affiliate " and ignored the #1 result while clicked on the #3 result, and moreover, he stayed on the website for more than 5 minutes. Here's what will happen: "RankBrain" will send signals to Google that #3 position is the best result of the keyword "Amazon Affiliate". After a week at most, the #3 will be ranked for #1 position in search results. 

So if you want to hit the first place you should focus more and more on "RankBrain" technology. But do not worry, "RankBrain" is not so complicated. It depends on only 2 things: "How long the user stayed on your page and the CTR".

Thus after many experiences in 2018 and early 2019, we are able to find a solution to make the visitors stay the longest time on the website!

Indeed the technique is very easy

Go to YouTube look for the best video related to your article's topic, for example, your post is about "Seo and the best ways to get backlinks", search in YouTube for the relevant sources in order to get high quality backlinks, then add the video to your article (Provided that the video must be very valuable and useful to ensure the visitor staying at your page). So far we have ensured that the user will remain on our web page for a long time. But at first, how do I make it click on my page in Google search results?

Keep in mind that what visitors sees in the search results for a certain query is just "Title and Description" so try to make them unique and attractive to ensure that the user will click on your page at first sight so that your "CTR" will increase consequently... By the way, "CTR" is the acronym for Click Through Rate which means the ratio between the number of clicks obtained on a link, an email, an image reduced to the number of displays. Very concretely, take the example of a link placed on a site: a click rate (ctr) is the number of clicks (7, 10, 40, ...) for 100 impressions per link displays.

If you are a WordPress user, you may want to add "Yoast Seo" because it will enable you to edit the title and description on your site. If you do not have experience in CopyWriting, I recommend using the Headline-Analyzer website. This website evaluates the title of your article. The more your title is rated, the better. As you can see in this picture below, we tried to change the title more than once to ensure the best title rate!

Headline Analyzer

You may not yet be grasped the importance of raising the "CTR" in improving your ranking in the search results. Please watch this video!

2 -Backlinks
In the world of SEO, the end is only the beginning. Once you have finished writing your article, you should start creating powerful blogs and get "Social-Signals" from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ...

Since 2012, all Google and Bing standards have changed in search rankings, but Backlinks maintained their importance factor, especially for Bing. After many experiments, we have noticed that Bing search engine does not care about the quality of Backlink so much compared to Google! Indeed, Bing cares more about the quantity rather than quality, but that does not mean that you should do a spam blast of Backlinks otherwise your website gets will be punished ...

Headline Analyzer image here

1. What is a Backlink?
First, let's agree that Backlinks (or external links) are a set of links that point to your website and from other websites so that a visitor can reach to your blog or website!

Therefore, If the number of backlinks is much stronger, the higher the authority value you add to the website within search engines like bing and yahoo and most importantly Google. Basically, backlinks are the main factor that makes difference for websites ranking to the first search results ...

Here are some important points before starting: If your website age is just two months, we do not advise you to build Backlinks quickly otherwise your website will be doubtful which is not good for you. So, in this case, the best solution is to rely on "Social-Signals" as the beginning step. Then build your backlinks to a maximum of two each day while focusing more on quality than quantity as this period will determine the fate of your site ...

 2. Build your backlinks through Social Media and get "Social Signals"
The best way to get started is through Social Media, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest ...., so you can get high-quality links as well as traffic and Social-Signals, which have become an important factor for search engines.

Here are the best sources to get your high-quality links and traffic at the same time:

YouTube: If you can create video content, YouTube will be the best platform to get signals to search engines, as well as sending highly targeted traffic to your website.

Twitter: is the social media that has the most influence on search results for websites, especially in the seasonal searches that are linked to a specific time such as Live broadcast and breaking news, soap opera, talk shows ..etc. More importantly, the more your tweets are shared, the better the juice of backlinks you'll get ... You can buy shares but the most important is that the account making "Retweet" must be old so as to be trustful for search engines.

Pinterest: What do you think about getting high-quality backlinks and higher ranking in search results? It is highly recommended to share your photos on "Pinterest". What distinguishes this platform from others such as Instagram or Flickr is that they internally optimized Bots for search engines, making it more searchable than the others that are closed communities in which Bots are more likely restricted.

Medium: This site is really not only for getting backlinks. You can also take advantage of the "Medium" authority to get ranking for search results in very competitive keywords such as "iPhone X Review" without having a website. This platform enables you to write articles and build backlinks to it ... So firstly we would recommend to write a high-quality unique article on your own website containing more than 1000 words, get traffic and "Social-Signals" from YouTube and Twitter ... Index your post in the search engines. Then go to the "Medium" platform. Copy the important points in your article and make an "anchor-text" for the keyword you want to compete for as backlink toward your website.

Now that you get backlinks for your website article from the Medium post, just index this post in search engines in order to index the backlinks within the post .. wait for two days to index your website as well.

Let's say, for example, that you want to make this page in the first position of search results for the keyword "SEO" ...Just write the 800-word post in "Medium" with Anchor text, which should be the main keyword you want to be ranked for, toward your website's article.

This technique is proven and guaranteed. Most importantly, it will not penalize your website unless your post in "Medium" is not a unique content.

Tumblr: The same technique of "Medium" platform.
Pocket: The same technique of "Pinterest" platform.
Reddit: This platform is one of the best platforms to get huge traffic and high-quality backlinks ... The more "Upvotes" you get to your website the greater are the quality of backlinks you will get, so if you are one of those who work in the news niche, here is a treasure for you ... As mentioned the secret to getting "Upvotes" and visits to your website is to focus on emotions when you use titles.

Besides, you can also create an account on Instagram and "Digg".

In fact, there are endless ways to get high-quality backlinks to your website so we can not cover all the points here about this subject.

3. Be a specialist
After the latest update of Google in 2016 "Hummingbird" has left disastrous results for many famous websites such as Viral Nova and other websites that generalist. This update has reduced the traffic volume generated by these websites through search engines.

The main goal of that update is to show the best result for users, and after many analysis conducted by Google, they discovered that the best results are always provided by focused niche sites, so if you have a niche website you will notice a daily increase of traffic from Google, provided that your article is unique and professional with few high juicy backlinks ...

focused niche sites

If you want to become a SEO professional, you should create a focused niche website as experts say "Money is in the niche".

Despite the artificial intelligence that Google and Bing have reached, some help is needed ...For example, we will create a "Health" niche ...

The health niche includes many niches, but if we should focus only on "healthy foods", we must not talk about sports or anything else, but just food. This is called a Niche, but there is also a "Micro Niche". Therefore if "Healthy Food" is a Niche then "Healthy Herbs" is a Micro Niche, so the more you specialize, the better.

The bottom line is that just focus on one specific niche and you will make a profit from it ...

Today even if you have the best backlinks with the best articles, focused niche website has become a necessity to get visibility in the search results, especially in Google. Whereas "Bing" does not care too much about specialization but relies on keywords within the domain name.

Thus, If you want to rank in search results of "Bing", your website domain name must include the "Keyword", high-quality backlinks and some "Social Signals"; Here it is, all done!

We do recommend to watch this video and follow up "Neil Patel" if you are interested in SEO and Online Marketing

4 - Provide the best you have
After the latest updates of Google and Bing, it is no longer as back to 2012 when the most required criteria are to create an article that includes the main keywords in the title and the body of the article, congratulations you rank the # 1 result of Google ...

Provide the best you have

In 2019 SEO has become somewhat complicated, it is not attributed to the number of articles in your website rather than their quality. The purpose of publishing high-quality articles is to keep your audience as long as possible on your website and not let them leave for another result because this will affect your position in search results.

Well..! how to write a great and comprehensive content?
  • Find out your competitors in search engines for the keyword you have chosen ...
  • Read their articles.
  • Fill in the gap in #1 article with the data you found in #2 and #3 article.
  • Get access to your niche forums and communities, read about what your audience is looking for ...
  • Collect data, add it to your article ...
Now, publish your article ... we guarantee you 80% that you will rank in the first position if you employ all the techniques and tips mentioned in this article. However, after you wrote an attractive title with high-quality backlinks, Now it's time to update.

Watch the video above of "Neil Patel" You'll easily understand the process.
  1. Login to your Google's webmaster account.
  2. Go to "search-analytics" below "Traffic Search"
  3. Search for keywords having many "Impressions" for which you are not ranking at the top of search results
  4. Add these keywords to your article, and even make them a subtitle in your article with the Meta tag <H1>

Boost Your Search Engine Results This Month

After adding all those keywords that get many "Impression" in your article Re-index your site through "fetch as google" webmaster too and Re-submit your Sitemap as well.

Accordingly, your article will become so comprehensive that once users once are landing on your content they will not need to search for another article, that's mean they got what they wanted ...

Important notice: If you have not created an article yet and want to do a keyword search here are the best keyword tools on the web that are recommended by experts:
Mobile Seo 2018

5- SEO for phones and Website Speed
Imagine that you are getting free and targeted traffic to your Shopify store, or on your website, but once the potential customer is landing on your page, they should wait for 10 seconds to load. In this case, you must be sure that users will close the page before the page has finished loading and no one can get access to your services or products.

Therefore, the loading speed of your website is a must and is considered one of the major requirements of Google. So if you want to get a good result from organic search you must improve your website speed performances.

You can check your website speed here: PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights

- The first reason is the revolution of mobile technology that has invaded our everyday lives. Some statics are predicting the number will be doubled even more by 2025.

- The second reason is "Mobile-First Index", let me explain to you. A few years ago, Google was showing the search results according to the device used by the user, if the computer is used, the results will be different from the results that will be seen if the phone is used.
SEO 2018 Mobile-First Index

Now, everything has changed ... If you can rank in search results for mobile users, you will be able to automatically rank for search results of desktop users as well thanks to Mobile-First Index.

SEO 2018 Mobile-First Index

So even if your site is not fast for the desktop user, it will rank in search results if it is well optimized for phones users. Well, how to know if the website is compatible with mobile SEO?. All you have to do is adding your website to: "Google's Mobile-Friendly test".

If you get the green mark, your site is compatible with mobile devices.

- The third reason to focus on Google is that all smartphones are Android, which is a mobile phone operating system developed by Google. Google has also made a partnership with Apple to become the default search engine on iOS devices, by integrating their Safari browser.

SEO 2018 Mobile-First Index

In conclusion, Google has acquired 95% of the mobile market. Thus, if you want to increase your visibility in search results, you must show all your content in the mobile version, as well as you must speed up the loading of your pages. Do not forget to show all content to phone users and do not set up "Read More" if you want to rank higher in search engines!

SEO 2018 Mobile-First Index
Important notice: A time ago we have added "Pop-Up" to our website in order to increase the conversion rate. But guess what we have lost more than 40% of our visitors coming from organic search, later on, we discovered that Google dislikes" Pop-Up "and punish websites using it.  So, we highly advise to not use" Pop-Up " on your website, especially after users landed on your page directly.
The future SEO will focus on 3 major factors:
  •  Artificial Intelligence - RankBrain.
  •  Mobile Seo.
  •  Voice Search SEO.
If you employ all the above SEO technique and tips included in this guide combined with what you have learned from our comprehensive guide of Shopify you will make amazing profits. However, if you are a local business or a big company with substantial budgets that aims for higher search positions to produce more targeted traffic and higher conversion through organic seraches, you should allocate your business objectives to SEO service providers who deliver the latest Seo strategies designed to engage your customers. 

All Of The Information On This Site Is Provided As Information Resource, Is Not To Be Used Or Relied On For Any Diagnostic Or Treatment Purposes.Read More In Disclaimer

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SEO 2019: 5 Proven Ways To Boost Your Search Engine Results Within One Month
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