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A Couple Saved Their Marriage By Asking A Simple Question

A Couple Saved Their Marriage By Asking A Simple Question

Succeeding as a couple is not always easy even when you love each other. Love crumbles over time, if it is not nurtured and maintained. An intelligent couple who loves each other must know how to make their household happy by following certain rules and dealing with problems that can arise with great tact and gentleness so as not to destroy the relationship.

Richard Paul Evans, a famous novelist has lived with his wife Keri, adventures in their marriage for years. Their love was sincere but their expectations about their marriage were oversized, their struggle to impose their power on each side only pushed them away and feel strangers to each other. Their marriage ran adrift.

Until the day Evans had a revelation: he had always demanded that his wife do things for him but never wondered what he could do for her. It was obvious. Immediately, he decided to ask his wife QUESTION: What can I do to improve your day?

Evans, with all humility, understood that to save his marriage, he would have to drop the mask of the ego and make sure to listen to the needs of his wife.

Today, Evans and his wife are making mutual efforts to mutually improve each other's day and they have succeeded successfully.

How to ask your partner "What can I do to improve your day?"

First of all, it is important to stop always blaming your partner because you are also to blame.

Be sincere when asking the QUESTION to your partner so that he / she shows you interest and trust and understands that you really want to save your marriage and not manipulate it.

Love must be sincere and true. So, try to find out what you can do for the person you love and not what they can do for you.

Other tips for a happy marriage
A successful marriage must above all be based on love, sharing and respect. However, other rules must also be respected in order to make the most of the good aspects of marital life.

Focus on the positive side of your relationship
Make you mutual and sincere compliments and express your affection by squeezing your partner very hard, the evening when returning. You can make him happy with small simple everyday gestures.

Touch You
Get in the habit of touching and caressing yourself even outside of the sexual act. Over time, these small simple actions will solidify your love.

Be friends
Take the time to discuss things about life, your goals, and your dreams. It seems that the friendly bonds strengthen the love and sexual relationship.

Accept the imperfection of the other
It is important to pay attention to your own imperfections and try to improve them. But the most important thing is to be interested in the qualities of your partner and adopt the Japanese philosophy of wabi sabi, which means the acceptance of imperfection.

Solve your problems with calm
During an argument with your partner, if you feel that it may worsen, stop it and take it back when you are calmer.

Listen to your partner
Instead of blaming or criticizing your partner, listen to him and let him speak. Pay attention to what he wants to say and pay attention to his needs so that your relationship is strengthened and it does not lead to a break or an unbearable life.
A Couple Saved Her Marriage By Asking A Simple Question