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Growing Up Near His Grandparents Is Very Good For Health

Growing Up Near His Grandparents Is Very Good For Health

The human being is the only species that actually has grandparents invested and involved in the lives of their grandchildren. This particular relationship between grandparents is really beautiful, but not that, it is also very beneficial for the development of grandchildren, according to scientists.

Following several research, benefits have been demonstrated for the involvement of grandparents not only in the lives of children but also in that of parents.

Raising children close to their grandparents and giving them the opportunity to build strong relationships with them is one of the greatest gifts parents can give to their children. Here's why !

Why raising your children with their grandparents is so beneficial?

First, grandparents help raise happy adults. According to a study conducted by the sociology department of Boston College, Massachusetts, in the United States, children who grow up with greater emotional proximity to their grandparents end up being much less likely to suffer from depression at age adult. This study involved 374 grandparents and 356 adult grandchildren, with data collection between 1985 and 2004, ultimately revealing that better grandparent / grandchild relationships resulted in decreased depressive symptoms. on both sides. Additional research has shown that children aged 11 to 16 have similar results under the same circumstances.

Likewise, emotional intelligence is a trait that children learn by observing and learning from others throughout their lives. According to Howard Gardner, developmental psychologist at Harvard University, emotional intelligence is the ability to understand others, what motivates them, and how to work cooperatively with them.

Since emotional intelligence is more important than IQ for success in life and career, spending time with grandparents can help grandchildren significantly improve their emotional understanding.

Grandfathers play a bigger role
Another reason why relationships between grandparents and grandchildren is so beneficial is that grandparents improve with age, especially grandfathers. Research has examined the role played by the grandmother in the lives of her grandchildren, showing them her love, far beyond that of the grandfather. After 60 or 70 years, a 2012 US study showed that grandfathers tend to play a bigger role with grandchildren. After a certain age, grandfathers tend to become more involved in the lives of their grandchildren and become better friends overall.

Grandparents live longer
Finally, one of the greatest effects of enabling your children and their grandparents to develop strong bonds is that it helps grandparents live longer. A German research in 2017 showed that grandparents who regularly care for their grandchildren live much longer than adults of the same age, with no responsibility for education. The study looked at 500 adults aged 70 and over, ultimately revealing that grandparents with regular child care duties had a 37% lower mortality risk.

Research suggests that this increase in life expectancy has something to do with the need for mental activity and healthy living for grandparents when their grandchildren need it. Having children tends to have an anti-aging effect on grandparents who are happy to care for their grandchildren.

Although sometimes relationships may be distant or conflictual, maintaining a strong relationship between grandchildren and their grandparents benefits both parties and greatly enriches their lives.

In the end, the role of grandparents is not to put parents away or take their place. They seek to give parents help to break. Feel free to share this article to show the value of grandparents in our lives!
Growing Up Near His Grandparents Is Very Good For Health