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Jacob Gottlieb: The Investor With A Focus On The Healthcare Sector

Jacob Gottlieb: The Investor With A Focus On The Healthcare Sector

Jacob Gottlieb is someone who has had a large impact on the development that a company like Visium Asset Management has seen. Rising to the position of CIO of the company was a good step towards progress for the company, mainly because of the drawbacks prevalent at this time. The company had a run in with the law, and Gottlieb was found to be one of the few executives at the company who remained completely clean from these accusations. In light of this, if there was anyone who would be able to bring the company back up to the prominent position that it was once at, it was going to be Gottlieb.

Visium Asset Management was a company that Gottlieb had brought up along with a few other key executives. He came from a thorough financial background and wanted to build a company that would focus on developments and investments within the medical sector. Gottlieb knew that is there was something that he would be able to do; it would be to bring together these two sectors for mutual benefit.

One of the more prominent reasons why Gottlieb chooses to build a financial company that focused on medical investments was because of the childhood upbringing that he had. He grew up in a household where his mother practiced as a doctor, and his father taught economics at a well-known university. He had early exposure to these two fields and always knew that his career path would be something within this sector.

Gottlieb has extensive educational and professional experience within these two fields as well. He has one degree in finance and another in medicine. After completing both degrees, he was faced with the hard decision of which career path would be better for him. He ultimately chose finance, and later found a way to bring in his passion for medicine as well.

One of the first companies that Jacob Gottlieb worked in after attaining his degrees was at a firm known as Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. The company was one of the leading financial investors for companies within the healthcare sector. This was something that Gottlieb knew that he would be good at and worked hard to excel in. He served as a portfolio manager for several years before he moved onto work at another company known as Balyasny Asset Management. The company operated similarly as compared to the previous workplace, which is why it was incredibly easy for Gottlieb to progress within this company as well. He proved to be a vital member of the firm and soon moved onto better positions within the company. This was the last company that Gottlieb worked at before he decided to move out and start up his own financial company that focused on medical industries and organizations.

One of the recent ventures that Jacob Gottlieb decided to embark on was with the intention of forming a company known as Altium Capital. This will be another one of Gottlieb’s companies that focuses on investments within the healthcare sector.
Jacob Gottlieb